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Offers advice and suggestions for building a solar powered home, including estimating energy needs, selecting the right equipment, and maintaining the system once it is installed....

Title : The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home
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ISBN : 0028643933
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Alpha 1st edition August 9, 2002
Number of Pages : 336 pages
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home Reviews

  • rek
    2019-01-27 12:31 expected

  • M. Castillo
    2019-02-11 11:38

    great source of inf if you are thinking of start saving the environment and spend less money on energy, elec or gas

  • oviolet
    2019-01-31 10:28

    my husband really likes this book. studies this book alot. looks forward to implenenting some of its suggestions soon, like this year.

  • jman
    2019-01-29 06:40

    This book was a complete waste of money and covered vague basic facts about solar. Not for any body wanting to learn do it your self installs or solar applications. I learned more in elementary school about solar power than this book had in it. A complete waste. Guess I am an idiot for buying it.

  • Kwame Staple
    2019-01-23 09:30

    As a novice, after scanning this book, I am satisified I made a good teaching choice.

  • John Stewart-Smith
    2019-01-26 10:26

    If you are looking for a technical book- this book is not for you. It is only for a reader with zero knowledge about solar power who wants to know the very basics. It does not delve deeply into any aspect of solar power, rather it covers most of the subjects at a fourth grade level. The author is more interested in putting forth his environmental viewpoint than in actually educating the reader about the subject. That's fine, except why would you purchase this book if you were not already somewhat environmentally aware? Perhaps more people care about the cost savings. Pretty much the title sums it up. Only a Complete Idiot would buy it. I guess that makes me guilty as charged. In summary, if you know NOTHING about solar energy, buy this book. If you want detail and schematics etc. buy a different book.

  • A. Hoch
    2019-02-15 12:44

    This truely is the "Complete Idiot's" guide to Solar Power, as much of the book is repetitive, ambiguous and impractical. There are a few nuggets in the book worthy of my money (for instance, an easy way to chart home energy usage and references for state and federal incentives) but, for the most part, Ramsey only explores solar power technology to the brink of what one can figure out for himself through common sense. Little detail is given, where detail would be appropriate, even in the context of a "Complete Idiot's" guide (except, perhaps, the constant reminder that Mr. Ramsey also has another book on the market under the "Complete Idiot's" series). I would not recommend this book for anyone wanting to know more than two or three of the dozens of useful things about solar power.

  • jedi008
    2019-02-12 12:21

    I was really hoping this book would have a little bit mor "meat" to it, but unfortunantly, it merely repeated all the information I found doing free web searches. What I was looking for was a more nuts and bolts book and this is a very generic overview. For example, the chapter on installing solar panels is only 4 pages long and has no diagrams or actual installation tips. The chapter only said to consult a reputable electrician. Um, I kinda already knew that.....