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In Clublife, Rob takes readers on a harrowing tour of the seedy, dangerous, and often deranged world of New York s hottest nightclubs In the tradition of Kitchen Confidential and The Tender Bar, Clublife is a remarkable memoir of the nightclub business and how drugs, alcohol, troublemakers, and violence conspire against the men clubs enlist to keep it all under control Brutally honest and filled with incredible tales only a true insider could tell, Clublife gives readers an all access pass into the seamy subculture of New York nightclub security....

Title : Clublife: Thugs, Drugs, and Chaos at New York City's Premier Nightclubs
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ISBN : 0061123889
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : HarperEntertainment 1st edition August 14, 2007
Number of Pages : 256 pages
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Clublife: Thugs, Drugs, and Chaos at New York City's Premier Nightclubs Reviews

  • Larry R
    2019-03-06 01:47

    Having read Rob The Bouncer's blog for the last several years, I'd been anxiously awaiting the book since it was first mentioned. And I wasn't disappointed. Rob's blog is mostly little vignettes, but the book tells a continuous story, and his talent show in both venues. Part of what I find so entertaining is the utter contempt with which he views the club's clientèle. He also has a gift for seamlessly integrating thuggish language and behavior with a remarkable degree of eloquence and literary ability.

  • Jack
    2019-02-19 00:54

    Clublife is an enjoyable read that offers much more depth then one might expect from the typical "blog to book" hype. Clublife the book started out as Clublife the blog, a popular site where Rob the Bouncer details the antics of the clubgoing masses he contends with as a bouncer in New York's club scene. If you're worried that the book is nothing more than blog entries cobbled together in book form, relax. Rob pulled off a real novel that's worth reading.

  • Martin Fisher
    2019-02-20 03:54

    Like most folks who have bought this book in it's first week of publication I've been a fan of the Clublife blog for quite a while. As a first (of hopefully many) foray into the world of books Rob does a pretty good job of telling several stories. Looking at this an "observational autobiography" you see Rob honestly look at himself and the customers and coworkers he encounters at "Axis"...and he doesn't like any of them very much.

  • Rob
    2019-03-09 04:41

    If you're here, chances are you're a reader of The Bouncer's blog ( If you enjoy Rob's style as much as I do, this will hook you just as quickly. I read the entire thing in one go and couldn't put it down.

  • L. Rogers
    2019-03-13 05:57

    I'm not the kind of person to be let through the line into a hot club -- too old, too fat. But I've been disabused of any illusions I had that the people who do get in are in any way better than me (and presumably you, since it's unlikely the clubgoers described do a lot of reading).

  • Rick Spell
    2019-02-23 02:52

    I buy a lot of books in different moods and as the owner of a bar/restaurant I bought this book after reading a good book by a waiter. I waited two years to read it but should have not taken the time. It's a fast read but a boring story of working as a bouncer in a NYC club that goes from hot to dangerous in 18 months while burning out its employees. You do learn what the life is like as a bouncer and the evolution of a club once the celebrities and moneyed clientele are gone. But the writing is not overly compelling and the story has no real depth. I'd take a pass unless you have a specific interest as for me even that was not enough.

  • Kerryn H.
    2019-02-28 02:43

    This books skims,I think people are looking for much grittier stories than the stories told here.

  • XpressNightly
    2019-03-16 04:46

    I'm a really big fan of the author's blog and his raw NO BS style of writing, and this book is definitely an awesome continuation of what he writes about on his blog.