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Mike Perrys extraordinary and thoughtful account of meeting the people of his small hometown by joining the fire and rescue team was a breakout hit that swells with unadorned heroism USA Today Welcome to New Auburn, Wisconsin population 485 where the local vigilante is a farmers wife armed with a pistol and a Bible, the most senior member of the volunteer fire department is a cross eyed butcher with one kidney and two ex wives both of whom work at the only gas station in town , and the back roads are haunted by the ghosts of children and farmers Michael Perry loves this place He grew up here, and now after a decade away he has returned.Unable to polka or repair his own pickup, his farm boy hands gone soft after years of writing, Mike figures the best way to regain his credibility is to join the volunteer fire department Against a backdrop of fires and tangled wrecks, bar fights and smelt feeds, he tells a frequently comic tale leavened with moments of heartbreaking delicacy and searing tragedy Tracing his calls on a map in the little firehouse, he sees a dense, benevolent web, spun one frantic zigzag at a time from which the story of a tiny town emerges....

Title : Population: 485- Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time (P.S.)
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ISBN : 0061363502
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Harper Perennial 1 edition August 25, 2015
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Population: 485- Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time (P.S.) Reviews

  • Cathryn Conroy
    2019-04-09 15:11

    Part really good storytelling, part laugh-out-loud humor and part pithy bits of philosophy, this book by Michael Perry offers readers a temporary citizenship in New Auburn, Wisconsin, a remote community of farms (although many have gone the way of most family farms), woods, dirt roads, more woods and people who--like all of us--need help every once in a while. So they call 911. And Mike Perry, along with a handful of other stalwart volunteer EMTs and firefighters answer those calls.

  • Martha
    2019-04-20 10:04

    I bought this book on a lark after seeing Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame) recommend it to someone on twitter. It's outside of the usual genres I read and I didn't really know what to expect but I found myself amused, touched, enlightened, and constantly surprised at every turn of the page. Michael Perry has a way with words that's intellectual without being academic or high-falutin'. He'll be talking about sitting in his LAY-Z-Boy picking the mud off his boots and suddenly throw out a word you have to look up (I say that as someone with a pretty substantial vocabulary) then draw some parallel to something Edgar Allen Poe once said. He constantly surprises you like that. He's very easy to read though. He's also hilarious. It's usually not even what he says, but how he says it that had me in stitches half the time. It honestly takes a lot for something to make me laugh out loud but I actually had to quit reading this at night when my roommates were trying to sleep because my uproarious laughter woke them up so much. Michael Perry is now one of my top 3 favorite writers. It doesn't matter what he's writing about, it's always entertaining. If you like this book I highly recommend you read his book Truck as well. Before Michael Perry I never would have imagined myself reading a book about someone restoring an old truck, AND loving it so much that I limited myself to only a few pages a day, so it wouldn't end so soon. If you're expecting a book all about being an EMT or how to survive small-town life, it might not meet those expectations, but you will enjoy it anyway. Highly recommend

  • Kathy Ann
    2019-03-30 14:28

    I read this a few years ago and read it again to discuss for my book club. Perry's engaging writing style kept me smiling just as much the second time as the first. His insights about the residents of his small town and about those he fights fires with and with whom he provides EMT services are both wise and entertaining. I smiled and I cried. If only we all could see the positives — and humor — in our lives, our friends and our family members as Perry does in his. As members of my book club discussed it, two women admitted, "I'm in love with Michael Perry." He's strong and resolute, he's tender and caring. And his writing is sublime.

  • Gea
    2019-04-12 15:14

    If you want to read a literary book on firefighting or small town living then this is the book. Population: 485 is a hilarious and moving collection of essays written about New Auburn, Wisconsin; a town of, yes, you guessed it--485 people. Not only is Michael Perry a skilled writer, he is also a volunteer firefighter/emt, and he captures the chaos and insanity of this world beautifully.