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A New York Times bestseller, the extraordinary World War II mission to rescue survivors of a U.S military plane crash in an isolated corner of the South Pacific, and the ancient indigenous tribe members that aided those stranded on the ground in this Shangri La Award winning former Boston Globe reporter Mitchell Zuckoffunleashes the exhilarating, untold story of an extraordinary World War IIrescue mission, where a plane crash in the South Pacific plunged a trio of U.S.military personnel into a land that time forgot Fans of Hampton Sides Ghost Soldiers, Marcus Luttrells Lone Survivor, and David Granns The Lost Cityof Z will be captivated by Zuckoffs masterfullyrecounted, all true story of danger, daring, determination, and discovery injungle clad New Guinea during the final days of WWII....

Title : Lost in Shangri-La
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Publisher : Harper Perennial Reprint edition April 24, 2012
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Lost in Shangri-La Reviews

  • JimmyP
    2019-03-11 07:06

    This book describes a real event during the island-hopping phase of WW2 in the Pacific. In the steep mountains of New Guinea, a hidden valley was home to a large population of natives who had no knowledge of the world beyond the valley--until it was spotted from the air by fliers stationed at air fields along the coast. Soon, the valley was the destination of sight-seeing flights, but these only flew over, the valley having no place for a safe air field, and the rim of the valley being near the altitude limit of the available aircraft. To reach the valley, the planes had to fly a twisted path through passes in the mountains. One day, an officer decides to reward his staff, including a number of WACs, with a trip to see the valley in a C47. Then the trouble starts! The pilot is the only one who is familiar with the complex route , and he soon is distracted by socializing with the passengers, leaving the plane to an inexperienced co-pilot. They fail to clear a ridge, and the result is a fiery crash. There are 3 survivors, two of whom have serious injuries. This book is the story of how they survived and finally got home, To do so, they had to make their location, well off the intended course, known to searchers; deal with their medical needs; and deal with the natives, who vastly out number them, and for whom the chief entertainment is war among their numerous clans! This book is well written, and can be read as an real-life adventure story. It is also a cautionary tale of how a pilot's inattention can lead to disaster. Reading the accident reports that appear in Aviation Week, it appears that this still has not been fully learned.

  • Waikiki
    2019-03-25 03:12

    I couldn't put it down, check the valley area on your tablet and the story really comes to life. I had my iPad next to the book. The Shangri-La Valley is pretty easy to find, it's so isolated. There's an air strip there now, so they've been in touch with the outside world for awhile now.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-19 04:03

    Living history at its greatest. This is an incredible story, a tribute to all those involved, and a fascinating study in the cultural collision between Western Civilization and a tribe of South Pacific islanders not very far removed from the Stone Age. Well written and obviously well researched, this is an account of a little known tempest in a remote corner of the proverbial teapot that was WWII in the Pacific. Perhaps the author's most significant achievement is his ability to tell this story in a relaxed and easily understood way while bringing to the fore in vivid mental images, the lush and unforgiving landscape, the nature and culture of the Dani people, as well as all the danger, fear, loss, uncertainty, courage, determination, and strength of will evidenced in this remarkable story.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-02-26 02:21

    High in the mountains of New Guinea, lay a valley hidden from the world. The people there had lived for lifetimes secluded from the rest of the world. In 1945, they were "discovered" by a U.S. plane. When another plane filled with army personnel on a sightseeing flight crashed a few weeks later, the army had to come up with a way to get the survivors back home. Unable to land a plane, too dangerous to hike out, the only way to help the wounded was to send paratroopers in. They knew going in, though, that there was no clear exit strategy. I really appreciated all the anecdotes the author included, both tragic and humorous, that made this an enjoyable and interesting read.

  • Jack Sparacino
    2019-03-03 02:52

    Yes, almost a home run but not quite. Mitchell Zuckoff certainly deserves credit for digging into fascinating back stories from WWII, especially those involving over the top rescues in absolutely forbidding terrain and weather. This time he transports us into the mountains and jungles of primitive New Guinea, very late in the war. We are taken along on a morale-boosting/sight seeing trip (not a military mission). The protagonists are the U.S. Army Air Force, including a group of WAC's. A well intentioned flight crashes into a mountain near the sought-after hidden valley. Twenty one out of 24 on board are killed in the crash. Two of the three survivors are very badly injured and scared. They have virtually no food, fresh water, supplies, medicine or even a map. They are 150 miles from civilization amidst a primitive tribe thought to practice cannibalism. Other than that, everything looks promising.

  • Forensic Fan
    2019-03-14 00:14

    This book is different from the mystery novels I usually favor. A true story of the rescue of survivors of a military plane crash in New Guinea at the end of WWII. The author fills in so much background info of the main subjects of this event, along with historical information and a broad and fascinating story of the land and native people. Having been a military wife for 24 years, I appreciated the hardship and sacrifices made by all those involved and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.