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Here s the perfect self teaching guide to help anyone master differential equations a common stumbling block for students looking to progress to advanced topics in both science and math Covers First Order Equations, Second Order Equations and Higher, Properties, Solutions, Series Solutions, Fourier Series and Orthogonal Systems, Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Numerical Techniques, and ....

Title : Differential Equations Demystified
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ISBN : 0071440259
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : McGraw Hill Education 1 edition September 14, 2004
Number of Pages : 323 pages
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Differential Equations Demystified Reviews

  • Let's Compare Options Preptorial
    2019-04-19 12:38

    At only $12 this book might be worth the wealth of inspiring examples about how important DE's (both ODEs and PDEs) are to most descriptions of nature (physics, motion, dynamics, electronics, etc). However, if you really want to LEARN DE's, get the for dummies series with workbook: 

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-31 11:21

    I got this to help with comprehension it does a good job translating the concepts from mathinese to English very easy to follow without the pretentiousness that comes from mathematicians who forget they teaching

    2019-04-17 13:46

    I chose to acquire this book after I had perused through the first few lines of the first chapter. I felt, immediately, that the author knew his "stuff" and how to deploy his skill. I was not disappointed.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-29 05:43

    The Kindle version of this book is what Kindle editions of math books should be. It does not have the Kindle font size nonsense which does not work on equations. Instead you can zoom in or out like a PDF document. It took more time and money to create this edition. But it is well worth it. A job well done.

  • Laura Campbell
    2019-04-04 13:18

    I teach this subject. The book is perfect for a first course whose purpose is to introduce foundational topics from both ordinary and partial differential equations. Not a lot of theory, but I find that the theory undergirding a technique is a lot more palatable when the student has confidence in his ability to use that technique in practice. DE Demystified gets right to the point, presents the method, and then gives examples and practice problems. I learn math by doing it and this book is just what I was looking for. Several other books are available in the classroom for students who choose to go more in depth on any particular topic, and I use other resources for additional problems and to code programs for numerical solutions. But this is the book the students must buy and bring to class. I really like the presentation in DE Demystified.

  • S. Kirksey
    2019-04-14 10:41

    This is a fine book for refreshing one's math skills. I use it to help me tutor college students. It's easy to read and has many step-by-step examples.

  • Aaron Rutledge
    2019-03-30 05:35

    Differential Equations Demystified is written by Steven Krantz, the author of the not-so-popular Calculus Demystified. Admittedly, this book is not any more user friendly than Calculus demystified; he spends no time explaining jargon in informal language; he constantly uses different notation for derivatives, etc. But at this level, at least, it is more acceptable. Any reader tackling the subject of differential equations with any seriousness will have to face rigors of mathematical language at some point.