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Nick Curtis is one of the most highly decorated British soldiers ever to serve in Northern Ireland In this compelling and unique book he graphically portrays his experiences in the Province during the turbulent years of 19691976 After surviving nearly 2,000 fired rounds, Curtis s duty as a uniformed officer ended and he was awarded the Military Medal for acts of bravery in the field But he returned to the Province to become a key figure in undercover operations, liaising closely with such figures as Captain Robert Nairac, himself a legend for his undercover work among the IRA Hard hitting, uncompromising and extraordinarily frank, Nick Curtis dramatic account of his life in Northern Ireland encompasses the extremities of urban civil war, the intrigues of undercover operations, and the political machinations that helped to form both....

Title : Faith and Duty: The True Story of a Soldier's War in Northern Ireland
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ISBN : 0233994157
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Andre Deutsch First Edition edition October 1, 1998
Number of Pages : 302 pages
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Faith and Duty: The True Story of a Soldier's War in Northern Ireland Reviews

  • jnc36rcpd
    2019-04-16 15:20

    Overall, a good read. The book covers the author's journey from a uniformed corporal on the streets of Belfast to his duties as an intelligence NCO with considerable responsibility. Clearly not a politician, the author discusses the Troubles in a human sense. He understands the need for use of force, but also understands its consequences. The author also struggled with religious issues during his time in Northern Ireland. There's no clear happy ending to the book from a military, religious, or personal viewpoint, but I suspect that's the nature of conflict.

  • Francesco L.
    2019-04-21 11:16

    I have been reading some books about the "Troubles" in Nothern Ireland. More recently I have focused on the voices of the British soldiers involved in the conflict, almost always simple lads who were thrown into the streets of Belfast. I found this book with a simple search via Amazon and I'm glad I've got it.