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A Kyrgyz cemetery seen from a distance is astonishing The ornate domes and minarets, tightly clustered behind stone walls, seem at odds with this desolate mountain region Islam, the prominent religion in the region since the twelfth century, discourages tombstones or decorative markers However, elaborate Kyrgyz tombs combine earlier nomadic customs with Muslim architectural forms After the territory was formally incorporated into the Russian Empire in 1876, enamel portraits for the deceased were attached to the Muslim monuments Yet everything within the walls is overgrown with weeds, for it is not Kyrgyz tradition for the living to frequent the graves of the dead.Architecturally unique, Kyrgyzstan s dramatically sited cemeteries reveal the complex nature of the Kyrgyz people s religious and cultural identities Often said to have left behind few permanent monuments or books, the Kyrgyz people in fact left behind a magnificent legacy when they buried their dead.Traveling in Kyrgyzstan, photographer Margaret Morton became captivated by the otherworldly grandeur of these cemeteries Cities of the Dead The Ancestral Cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan collects the photographs she made on several visits to the area and is an important contribution to the architectural and cultural record of this region....

Title : Cities of the Dead: The Ancestral Cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan
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Publisher : University of Washington Press October 20, 2014
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Cities of the Dead: The Ancestral Cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan Reviews

  • Sai-B
    2019-01-29 12:08

    Absolutely beautiful photographs about a fascinating subject but the texts by the three authors left me wanting to learn a lot more. The book would have benefited if descriptions, even brief ones, were included with the photographs in the book's corpus (as they were in the prologue). A brief history of Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz people, or barring that a short bibliography or list of 'suggested readings', would also have been helpful.

  • Roger P. Kirby
    2019-01-22 10:50

    Well written. Just beautiful photos. It seems like a team collaboration with a well balanced input from folks who are knowledgeable and empathetic to the culture

  • Curtice Taylor
    2019-02-06 15:13

    A haunting book that beautifully illustrates human kinds need for "a place in the world. These city like grave sites are built by nomadic people who give their ancestors a place to finally stand still. The structures they build are works of art constructed by relatives of the dead who visit the sites as they pass by on their yearly treck through the isolated and beautiful landscape. Ms Morton's photos while black and white, are a palette of many grays and perfectly depict the bleached landscape of these remote regions. If there is such a thing as anthro/art book she has produced it.