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Hollywood in the 1920s sparkled with talent, confidence, and opportunity Enter Irving Thalberg of Brooklyn, who survived childhood illness to run Universal Pictures at twenty co found Metro Goldwyn Mayer at twenty four and make stars of Lon Chaney, Norma Shearer, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, and Jean Harlow Known as Hollywood s Boy Wonder, Thalberg created classics such as Ben Hur, Tarzan the Ape Man, Grand Hotel, Freaks, Mutiny on the Bounty, and The Good Earth, but died tragically at thirty seven His place in the pantheon should have been assured, yet his films were not reissued for thirty years, spurring critics to question his legend and diminish his achievements In this definitive biography, illustrated with rare photographs, Mark A Vieira sets the record straight, using unpublished production files, financial records, and correspondence to confirm the genius of Thalberg s methods In addition, this is the first Thalberg biography to utilize both his recorded conversations and the unpublished memoirs of his wife, Norma Shearer Irving Thalberg is a compelling narrative of power and idealism, revealing for the first time the human being behind the legend....

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Irving Thalberg: Boy Wonder to Producer Prince Reviews

  • waitsfortherain
    2019-01-30 02:20

    It's both a pleasure and an immense relief to see authors such as Mark A. Vieira consolidate their position as top film historians and Hollywood biographers. Film history as a whole and Hollywood biographies in particular have been plagued for many years with opportunism, dishonesty and sheer incompetence, leading to some of the most appalling books on the lives and careers of people who gave their whole earthly existence, to the art of film-making.

  • CE Taylor
    2019-02-14 05:15

    Excellent read. I got this to read about Norma Shearer and her marriage and found that I was more interested in her husband then her by the time I got to the third chapter. This is a really good book. Extremely interesting. If you like old movies and want to know more about the making of old movies and I mean old silent movies then read this book. This man was amazingly smart. From now on when I watch a film I will think about what this man did to help make movies what they are today. He would be amazed at the special effects in movies of our era. Personally I do not find new movies entertaining but after reading this book one gets to see the process and its very interesting. His life and marriage, health issues, plus running MGM...well its amazing what he accomplished.

  • J. Billings
    2019-02-07 04:15

    I pre-ordered this book several months ago and was not disappointed. Author Mark A.Viera has presented a detailed and insightful profile of Irving Thalberg, creator of such classics as Grand Hotel, Mutiny on the Bounty, and The Good Earth. A major plus for this book is the use of the heretofore unpublished memoirs of Thalberg's wife, Norma Shearer. Although there have been two excellent biographies of Shearer, this book provides an added dimension: a woman of kindness and strength. By all accounts a devoted wife, and mother of two young children who set aside her own career when necessary to care for her physically infirm husband. Still, she managed to garner 6 Oscar nominations (1 win) and set the standard for MGM glamour in the 1930's. In addition to Shearer, Thalberg made stars of: Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo. Mark Viera adeptly chronicles their rise and much more.This book is a fine account of a great visionary, Irving Grant Thalberg who in life never sought public acknowledgement, but created a lasting legacy that has delighted movie fans for generations since. Great thanks to Mark Viera for a fine book.

  • Loves to Read
    2019-02-08 04:05

    Author Mark A. Viera has not only told the irving Thalberg's private and studio life he also brings old Hollywood to life.Irving Thalberg was if not the most important producer in Hollywood he certainly ranks in the top three. He is a vital part of Hollywood history and Mr. Viera's book is rich in research and the defitinitve biography on this very human man.

  • Laura A.
    2019-02-03 03:00

    Terrific book on early Hollywood, couldn't put it down!

  • Mister Bookman
    2019-02-06 23:14

    Although much has been written about Irving Thalberg, none of it approaches this thoroughly researched and elegantly written biography. In place of the generic, hagiographical version of the frail, charming, diplomatic "boy genius" that Thalberg has been depicted to be, here is an un-retouched portrait of a driven, shrewd, at times ruthless young man who could more than match the Zukors, Mayers, and Warners of classic Hollywood.

  • Big Momma
    2019-02-10 00:57

    This was an enjoyable read mainly because there is so much information about how films were planned and made. Nostalgia.

  • T. Oldes
    2019-02-17 01:00

    "Boy Wonder to Producer Prince" is certainly the best and most detailed piece I have yet read on early MGM history. The author's prose is compelling, he reveals tidbits of information/trivia one has not encountered before, as well as new spins on things we've heard in other places. His depiction of Thalberg's deathbed vigil is so well written you feel you are actually there and shock resonates when the final moment arrives, even though you already may know the story. This is the fourth book I have read by Mr. Vieira and he never fails to impress with his knowledge and writing style. I heartily recommend this piece on early Hollywood history.