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The most current, useful information on growing Bonsai Fresh, practical, definitive, comprehensive reference guide to the finest art of horticulture growing miniature trees Common sense bonsai answers separating myth from fact with depth and detail Appropriate for both bonsai hobbyists and experienced practitioners Featuring Walter Pall Bonsai Contents Foreword, by Walter Pall 7 Acknowledgements 9 Introduction From the PlantsPoint of View 11 Soil and Substrate Questions Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind 17 Organic and Inorganic Materials 20 Physical Properties 26 Chemical Properties 32 Biological Properties 35 Understanding Fertilizers Essential Elements 38 Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers 40 Fertilize Flawlessly 43 Feeding 101 47 Fast or Slow 49 Liquid or Granular 52 Spring or Fall 54 By the Numbers 55 Fertilizers Are Supplements 62 Cant Always Blame Fertilizers 64 Understanding Biostimulants andOther Such Chemicals 635 Growing Superb Roots The Perfect Tree 73 Growing Superb Roots 73 Sink Your Roots 75 How Roots Respond 81 Root Pruning 86 The Root Collar 90 Getting Back to Roots 92 Keeping Branches Happy Branch Parts 97 Keeping Branches Happy 97 Switching Systems 101 Branch Responses 104 The Form of Trees 106 Branching Out 112 Pruning and Manipulating Stems What Is Pruning 117 Responses to Branch Pruning 117 Before Making the Cut 119 That Was a Kind Cut 123 Prune Like a Pro 127 Wiring, Major Bending and Minor Tree Surgery 135 Tools of the Trade 139 Treat My Cuts 139 Keeping Foliage Happy Solar Power 144 How Foliage Responds 146 Budding Bonsai 151 Leave Our Leaves 152 They Shrunk My Leaves 157 Leaves a Blazing 158 Responding to Potting Plants Grow in a TightlyConnected Systems 162 Why and When to Repot 162 Before Potting or Transplanting 166 During Potting 167 After Potting 170 Water, Light, and Temperature Water Wisely 175 Lighten Up 182 This Cold, Cold Pot 185 Extreme Heat 188 Bonsai Challenges Content with Our Natural Beauty 192 Why We Are So Small 192 How We Adapt 194 Looking Good 197 Pestering Pathogens 200 Good and Bad 202 Crawling Critters 203 Time to Recover 204 Walter Pall Gallery 209 Index 335 About the Author Larry Morton, BS Ornamental Horticulture, is the former owner of Landscape Consultants, Inc, and Preferred Trees Nursery He provides seasoned, proven, professional advice on how you can care for your miniature trees....

Title : Modern Bonsai Practice: 501 Principles of Good Bonsai Horticulture
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ISBN : 0692521399
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Larry Morton May 25, 2016
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Modern Bonsai Practice: 501 Principles of Good Bonsai Horticulture Reviews

  • Mrs C Hermann
    2019-02-01 06:17

    I was at first reluctant to spend so much money on a book that might not be pertinent to the Southern Hemisphere and Zone 12 +++ where I live, but was intrigued by the horticultural tips in the book. I do think that understanding doing and growing bonsai tops being told what the only way is to do bonsai. From the first page, #1 grabbed my attention and half an hour later, I could not put the book down and had to be reminded to go back to work. I am also a great fan of Walter Pall and loved looking at the photographs at the back. There is honestly nothing bad I can say about this book and I tried to be very objective. I cannot wait to apply all I have learned and fix my mistakes. Most of all, I think the author challenged me to "do bonsai" better than anybody else ever has. I hope we can look forward to Tips #502 to #1001:-)

  • Jeremy Erb
    2019-01-23 10:22

    A very ambitious book. While I don't know if I agree with everything the author states, I learned some new things, and overall challenged what I think. If nothing else, this book gives any bonsai enthusiast plenty to consider. I am unaware of any book that has taken a scientific, thorough approach to bonsai like the author. Extremely informative and one of a kind book. I am happy I bought it.

  • Anonymous
    2019-01-25 05:41

    Love it! Definitely a must buy for anyone interested in Bonsai. It's easy to read (captivating and humorous too!) with beautiful photographs. The author has written it in such a way that encourages a new bonsai enthusiast to not be intimidated to start their new hobby yet teaches the most skilled bonsai expert something new to apply that actually works!

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-01-26 06:15

    This is a wonderful book for anyone interested in starting the art of bonsai. It walks you through problems you will face, along with giving you wonderful advise about taking care of your plants. The book also goes into detail about things that are thought to be true but are actually false. If you have any interest in bonsai, I highly recommend this book for you.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-11 08:41

    It came in time as promised. It is a wonderful book filling the gaps of my horticultural knowledge.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-12 07:45

    There's some good information packed in these pages, but in a writing and organizational style that needed heavy editing before being sold. The ideas presented are often not followed up with direct or specific advice. Instead, the book meanders as if a bunch of index cards with notes jotted down were quickly put together with some sarcasm laid on top. The principles are good ones. Perhaps somebody will organize them into a list and then edit them into better shape. The cost of the book could be justified as a table top book of Walter Pall's amazing trees, but the photos are printed very poorly. The paper is not appropriate for even moderately decent photo quality; the photos themselves are not much better than good snapshots; unforgivable, however, is that the photos are of extremely poor resolution (it's like looking at photos from 15 years ago when people over-compressed jpegs or had low resolution digital cameras; tree detail is lost due to resolution problems and the colors look dull). In short, you can get all of this information on the internet. Both the author and Pall's introduction speak as if nobody in bonsai really understands horticulture and this book is the real deal on science. However, much of this is already out there if you read carefully online or choose books by highly regarded authors. For those that want a real science background in botany in general, I suggest "Botany for Gardeners" by Brian Capon. Capon's writing is amazing.

  • Timothy Cox
    2019-02-01 10:32

    Incredible photography. Very well done

  • Ginger Richardson
    2019-02-10 06:29

    This book is a must have for anyone that is trying to successfully grow and keep Bonsai. I own a florist and continuously keep Bonsai in my shop but until buying this book, I now realize I was doing it all wrong. I am now successful and growing beautiful well groomed Bonsai for my clients and now have an understanding. This book addresses myths, gives solutions, and step by step advice on good practices.