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Elegant and sophisticated biography of Princess Margaret, the controversial sister of Queen Elizabeth II, the Princess Diana of her dayThe almost universal conception is that the life of Princess Margaret 1930 2002 was a tragic failure, a history of unfulfilment.Tim Heald s vivid and elegant biography portrays a woman who was beautiful and sexually alluring even so than Princess Diana, years later and whose reputation for naughtiness co existed with the glamour The mythology is that Margaret s life was ruined by her not being allowed to marry the one true love of her life Group Captain Peter Townsend and that therefore her marriage to Lord Snowdon and her well attested relationships with Roddy Llewellyn and others were mere consolation prizes Margaret s often exotic personal life in places like Mustique is a key part of her story The author has had extraordinary help from those closest to Princess Margaret, including her family Lord Snowdon and her son, Lord Linley , as well as three of her private secretaries and many of her ladies in waiting These individuals have not talked to any previous biographer He has also had the Queen s permission to use the royal archives.Heald asks why one of the most famous and loved little girls in the world, who became a juvenile wartime sweetheart, ended her life a sad wheelchair bound figure, publicly reviled and ignored This is a story of a life in which the private and the public seemed permanently in conflict The biography is packed with good stories Princess Margaret was never ignored what she said and did has been remembered and recounted to Tim Heald....

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Princess Margaret Reviews

  • Eric Rogers
    2019-03-25 07:29

    How does one take one of the 20th century's most facinating women and make her sound rather mundane? This author manages to. While this is not a great book it is a good enough book. While the chapeters are arranged by decade, it manages in spots to be confusing as to what time period is being discussed. Except where noted the photos seems slightly out of sequence as well. While I am glad that I purchased this book I think that there was the potential for a much more interesting book. It sort of brushed over the details of the Princess's private life and her interactions with the international rich and famous the, so called jet-set when there really was a "jet-set", only hit and miss references to her time spent in Mystique. While there was the chance to get quite salacious with the subject, the author goes a little too far in the other direction. If we were to take all our information on Her Royal Highnes from this we would get a picture of a woman who drank and smoked to the ruination of her health and was not terribly nice or happy. I think that Princess Margaret was much more than the book gives her credit for. The reader never gets the sense of glamour that the Princess evoked and we never get the flavor of the world that she lived in. Nice book but not great, although what it did achieve was to make me want to find another book on one of the most glamourous and interesting women of the 20th century.

    2019-03-30 13:54

    In depth book about a lonely princess relegated to a life of openings and closings. Interesting reading, it can get boring, but it is a great book.

  • christine hehir
    2019-04-02 05:29

    The book was very factual and not terribly exciting to read.

  • HopewelLibraryofLife
    2019-03-19 07:42

    Why do authors try to make the work of one book do for two? Why on earth do we need cricket included with the life of Princess Margaret? Because the author previously wrote a book on the sport of cricket of course! This is mostly either really, really dull letters back and forth between members of her staff and people wanting her to do a royal function or long, really, really dull quotes from other sources on Princess Margaret. Little of this adds anything to the portrait of H.R.H. While it was fascinating to see a photograph of Margaret aged only 15 smoking at a family picnic that is about all the new information presented here! Yes, she was likely spoiled. Yes, she certainly was not well educated. No, she did not get to marry the man of her dreams [even if he wasn't Peter Townsend]. Yes, she was trapped in a gilded caged. Mostly, those are cliches. Save your money.

  • Pbill
    2019-03-20 06:58

    Horribly written with trivial detail. Boring - like reading a fact sheet filled with facts you could care less about.

  • Book Woman
    2019-04-10 06:55

    A compelling biography is usually characterized by two elements: good writing and an interesting subject. Unfortunately, this book is a little short on both fronts. Princess Margaret began life with every advantage--she had loving parents, an exalted position in society, material wealth, beauty, wit, and even musical talent. From a young age, she could be described as charming. But she was destined to become an "also ran" after her sister assumed the throne when she was only 21. She played off Queen Elizabeth's dutiful image by at first attempting a love match to Peter Townsend that was ultimately vetoed, and then by shifting gears to become the "bad girl" of her era. Excess followed; there were too many days of Famous Grouse whiskey, cigarettes dangled from long holders, a husband who sparred with her, and some unsuitable lovers. Her beguiling ways could flip quickly into a rude imperiousness that was perhaps justified by her birth but not by her lifestyle or accomplishments. She became tedious to the public who paid her bills.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-03 09:50

    Book was interesting as Margaret was a royal I didn't know a lot about. Author did a good job of illustrating how difficult it was growing up & living as Queen Elizabeth"s younger sister.

  • H. Bickers
    2019-04-18 07:33

    I enjoy biography, but this one was heavy going. The author writes beautiful prose, his research is impressive, the footnotes identifying the dramatis personae are helpful, but the book bogs down in a seemingly endless account of the minutia of organizing Margaret's royal appearances while the arc of her relationships with her family, the public, and lovers is almost ignored. Her courtship, the birth of her children, her life in the Caribbean and the eventual breakdown of her marriage and health are glossed over to the point where it's easy to lose interest in this fascinating woman.