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Maple Leaf Against the Axis is a compelling recounting of the Second World War and the Canadians who fought it Here, in all its passion and drama, is the story of how the Canadian army, navy and air force fought in battles ranging from Hong Kong to the Rhine River crossing David Bercuson, one of Canada s preeminent military historians, covers the war on the ground, the naval war in the North Atlantic and elsewhere, and the air war both the bomber offensive and the story of those Canadians who flew everything from Canso reconnaissance aircraft in the Indian Ocean to Typhoon fighter bombers with the Second Tactical Air Force in Europe And he does it through recounting the stories of the men and women who were there and played a significant role in the Allied victory....

Title : Maple Leaf Against the Axis: Canada's Second World War
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ISBN : 0773728619
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Stoddart Pub First Edition edition April 1, 1995
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Maple Leaf Against the Axis: Canada's Second World War Reviews

  • Roger Kennedy
    2019-03-03 03:36

    A very readable and enjoyable book on Canada's participation in WW2. The author wastes no time about domestic and home front issues, believing rightly, these have been covered extensively elsewhere. In general the work is critical of the command structure and organization that sent Canadian forces to war.

    2019-02-26 00:52

    Canada's contribution to the Allied war effort in WWII is often overlooked, especially when considering army and air campaigns. Indeed, a good many Canadians served in the British military instead of the Canadian (especially the RAF), and they get lost in the shuffle. Contrasted against that, however, is the fact that the Canadian army had a D-Day beach to itself (Juno), and this army played a major role in the continental campaign that followed (just ask the Dutch and Belgians), not to mention the previous battles in Italy. This book helps to fill the gap in nicely, if in less detail than I would have liked. It is obvious that Bercusen has studied his material. The addition of some photos was a nice touch. Recommended for anyone with an interest in Canada's contribution in the "last great war." I look forward to reading his offering on Canada's effort in the Korean War (Blood on the Hills).

  • I. C. Rogers
    2019-02-25 05:32

    Bercuson draws a fine line between being overly patriotic about the actions of Canadian forces during the Second World War and giving a realistic and factual overview of the actions of the Army, Navy, Air Force and political forces behind them. Bercuson certainly has a way with words; as a former student of his to this I can attest. Although not a piece to be looked upon for research material in an upper level history course, it offers young history students and anyone interested in the topic a detailed, provocative perspective of the somewhat forgotten history of Canada during WW2.

  • Greg Patenaude (
    2019-03-09 23:35

    For anyone who ever wondered what role Canadians had in WW II, Maple Leaf against the Axis is a comprehensive and enjoyable read. Although Bercuson doesn't go into great detail describing key battles he gives you an overview of the Canadian contributions in WW II. He describes the mental and military conditions of the Canadian Army before and during the war. It is an easy and unbiased read; Bercuson is not shy to point out the inadequacies and problems with the Canadian army. In conclusion, Bercuson is able to describe what the allies truly accomplished..."the sheer determination of mortal men who pitted flesh against steel and concrete, and finally prevailed"

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-20 04:35

    As required reading for my Canadian Military History class and coming from a military family, I found this to be a very interesting book. It's a very good overview of the Canadian contribution during WWII. I could be somewhat biased though since Dr. Bercuson is my professor for the mentioned class, either way it is a good read