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The lifesytle lead by many of today s urbanites points to the conviction that less is With living space at a premium the sole opeiton for many is to make the most of what they have.Fortunately, this has been proven to be the modivation of some of the most innovative solutions that transform small spaces into practical and stylish contempary pads.Color can enhance the feeling of space High ceilings can transform into additional levels Sliding doors and portable closets replace permanent walls, and furniture on wheels offers versatility and comfort These are only several examples of the design solutions available to apartments, studios, lofts, and small houses that are all limited by one thing the lack of surface area.Featureing inspirational projects by some of the world s best known architects and interior designers, Small Urban Interiors provides a fresh look at how to make the most of small living spaces in urban environments....

Title : Small Urban Interiors: 500 Solutions for Living
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ISBN : 0789306670
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Universe July 2002
Number of Pages : 420 pages
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Small Urban Interiors: 500 Solutions for Living Reviews

  • Shawnee
    2019-01-27 18:48

    I'm drinking the coolaid. It's to expensive to buy a "home" in a tiny house is starting to look like a smart move. This book gives me lots to design from

  • LuCe
    2019-01-20 20:51

    After reading all the one-star negativity here, I must defend this beautiful and useful book. It is filled with a variety of design ideas that helped me get inspired in redesigning my house. You may not find exactly what you need to accomplish in your space but turning the pages of this beautifully designed book might give you goose bumps (as happened to me) from the sheer excitement that you yourself will create something new. It is not a how-to book. It is a fun, aesthetically pleasing reference that you will return to repeatedly to find a creative inspiration or simply relax with.

  • ḵaashashx̱áaw
    2019-02-12 00:05

    Beautiful examples of interior design in small or odd-shaped spaces. Though some of the furniture were outdated, the themes blended well

  • Avid Reader
    2019-02-18 20:06

    Although the organization of this book takes some getting used to (as you can gather from some of the reviews), it actually has many wonderful ideas for organizing and designing your small space. The book focuses on making structural changes to your small home, like installing built-ins or moving walls, and so is better for home owners. I do enjoy much of the book though even if only for future reference.

  • l.k. holland
    2019-02-18 23:08

    perhaps the book is mistitled. i can't believe anyone would actually buy this book thinking it had home depot how-to "solutions," as some reviewers claim. what it is, is a beautiful, elegant, modern *idea* book. i saw it in the bookstore of a modern art museum and wrote down the title to come home and buy it online. it is a visual documentary of possibilities, powerful in its simplicity and convincing in its aesthetic. as a graphic designer, an architecture student, and a dabbler in interior design, i can say it's one of my favorites.

  • mary
    2019-01-22 21:15

    I made my selection based on the editoral review. However, I found the review very misleading. This is a picture book with practically no text, not even captions for the pictures. All of the text would probably fit on 10 pages and most of the pictures are too small to show much detail. Very disappointing to say the least. Imagine watching a movie on a 9" screen with the volume turned off.

  • Merilee Pinkerton
    2019-02-09 23:50

    We live in a house on a lake but just bought a St. Louis apartment for weekends, and this book sounded perfect for what I want. I got it home and was so disappointed. I don't know know where the "500 solutions for living" are. This is a pretty picture book but it doesn't have much to say. More than a handful of words would have been nice. Don't buy this.

  • Ray
    2019-02-16 23:55

    listen, this book clearly and susinctly establishes a degree a minimalism and clarity in design that most books disregard in order to be "hip" and "modern". ths book relishes in providing ideas that approach the limits of functional simplicity but avoid breaching the realm of practicality. occasionally, the book moves away from the minimalism to appreciate the creativity of working with those materials that are readily available, however, te focal point is the efficient usage of spaces to create modern designs that give proper recognition to the masters who initiated these designs.