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The subject of this book is the life of the Mexicans the Mexica, as they said themselves at the beginning of the sixteenth century At that time, in the early 1500s, nobody, from the arid steppes of the north to the burning jungles of the isthmus, from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to the shore of the Pacific, could have believed that this enormous empire, its culture, its art, its gods, were to go down a few years later in a historic cataclysm The period with which this book is concerned is distinguished from all others by the wealth of its written documentation The Mexicans were interested in themselves and in their history they were tireless speech makers and great loves of verse, thus an immense quantity of books and legal documents came into being Drawing on this rich recorded history, Soustelle creates a memorable portrait of Aztec society....

Title : Daily Life of the Aztecs on the Eve of the Spanish Conquest
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ISBN : 0804707219
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Language : English
Publisher : Stanford University Press 1 edition June 1, 1961
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Daily Life of the Aztecs on the Eve of the Spanish Conquest Reviews

  • Roy K. Farber
    2019-02-04 15:06

    This is not about the blood and guts we so often read, and is so very far removed from the 1st person perceptions of the Christian Conquistadors and those who have founded their version of reality thereon, and yet answers the central question of how so few such Uglies could kill so many and obliterate something as great as the Mexica Civilization. But Cortez is more of just a stopping point, the zenith of this civilization that was so rapidly maturing, becoming increasingly ever-finer, more dignified, literate, majestic, on its path to somewhere we'll now never know, with with rules of honorable behavior and thought that made them so unfortunately ill-prepared for the coming of The Aliens! Oh, but they had truly been Barbarians, we might all be speaking Nahuatl....

  • Gaselen
    2019-01-30 16:26

    A must read if one wants to understand Mexico. While this book is not a recent work it remains a solid base for further studies. Regrettably the US edition did not reproduce the pictures from the French publication.

  • Paola V. Hidalgo
    2019-02-14 12:11

    It is an excellent book.

  • Somar
    2019-02-18 13:24

    Lerned a lot of things about the people living in Mexico before the spaniars arrival!

    2019-02-14 16:14

    Very informative

  • Ms.Gonzales
    2019-02-18 17:05

    Great book!!!

  • Nathan Tarantla
    2019-01-21 10:16

    This is a fascinating book that details the lives of the Nahuatl people prior to the engagement with Spain and the ensuing chaos that destroyed their vibrant society. Well written, with lots of details about the common man, women, professions, and other factors of life. Unlike so many other shallow texts it does not concentrate on the sacrificial aspects of the society, which have been done to death in a thousand other publications of which most people who read this are probably familiar. I recommend this book for people who won't to know more about the "Aztecs" and the ancient society of the Nahuatl.

  • Sergio Juarez Jr.
    2019-01-31 13:06

    this was an excellent book, it really beautifully paints a picture of life in the time of the mexica. it is the equivalent of someone writing about our society and describing the physical surroundings and its inhabitants. it gave me further insight into my peoples culture, and showed me that we were a people of schools and art, and were deeply spiritual people. showed me how our culture was equal if not superior to that of the Europeans. an overall great read. highly recommended not just for the individual who is reclaiming their culture but for the student as well.