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The Kiln Book is the definitive guide to pottery kiln construction Since this breakthrough book was first published than thirty years ago, it has shown generations of ceramicists how to build safe, economical, and fully functional kilns that meet their specific creative needs The revised fourth edition continues to cover all aspects of kiln construction through step by step instructions and detailed diagrams, with new information on alternative fuels and the latest designs.In The Kiln Book, master potter and kiln builder Frederick L Olsen thoroughly describes fundamental kiln construction methods and design principles in clear, straightforward language No one has made custom kilns in countries than Olsen His kiln bible explains the inner workings of crossdraft, downdraft, updraft, and multidirectional draft kilns It discusses the importance of proper masonry work and gives insights into the variety of refractory materials and their applications The book also offers expert guidance on firing techniques and optimal firing schedules for various kiln styles In addition to providing building guidance for the three major types of fuel fired kilns, The Kiln Book includes information on electric kilns and other specialty designs The practical instructions and illustrations are supplemented with tables, technical specifications, and other practical data.Richly illustrated with color photographs, building plans, and diagrams, The Kiln Book is an essential text for professional potters who want the freedom and control of firing works in their own kiln and for ceramics educators who wish to share the kiln building experience with their students....

Title : The Kiln Book
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ISBN : 0812221869
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press Fourth edition October 6, 2011
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The Kiln Book Reviews

  • Michelle
    2019-02-04 22:19

    Arrived Quickly and in great condition. The content in the books in fantastic for students wanting to learn about kiln buildings. Sometimes all of the charts and diagrams in the chapters can be a bit overwhelming though. I tend to skip them and then go back and look over it again.

  • Durer
    2019-01-23 02:38

    Great update. I have a first edition of this book too. This edition has many color photos, new kiln designs, and appears to be a much cleaner presentation of Olson's principles. I wish I would have owned this one first.

  • Paul L. Nash
    2019-01-19 03:27

    Much better pictures. Good background on historical kilns and the building of your own kiln.

  • Mark Fullerton
    2019-01-23 00:28

    Fred knows more about kilns than anyone has a right to know and he shares it with the reader, tons of detailed info about every aspect of kiln design, material etc. Great addition to the library

  • melanie the bookworm
    2019-02-17 03:13

    Great book, very necessary for all potters. Lots of detail, this new edition is very informative.

  • james yared gaite
    2019-02-18 01:15

    Very good!

  • F. Fisher
    2019-01-26 00:29

    In my case this turned out to be a lot more than I ever wante to know about kilns. But I'd you want a book tha covers it all, this,is it.

  • Jerzak
    2019-01-23 22:26

    Amazing amount of technical information on kiln dynamics and firing.