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Sometimes labeled as contraversial but always known as an honest seeker of truth, scholar and author Alden Thompson shares how the life and writings of Ellen White have helped him discover the same thing she discoveredjoy in the Lord Along the way, Thompson explores the meaning of inspiration, looks at how prophets grow, and challenges out assumptions about Scripture and inspired writings The end result is a compelling testimony of gratitude for God s prophetic gift to His church.Book SpecsPublisher PPPAPages UnknownTable of ContentsA Brief Word From the Author Chapter 1 Ellen White s Story Briefly Chapter 2 Which Side Chapter 3 The Church and Ellen White Chapter 4 Adventism s Classic Statements on Inspiration An Introduction Chapter 5 My Issues and Yours and the Classic Statements Chapter 6 The Scary Title Chapter 7 Violent God More Help From the University Chapter 8 Taking Ellen White to Scotland Chapter 9 From Codebook to Casebook to Jesus Chapter 10 From Fear to Joy The Illustrations Chapter 11 Hopes and Fears Appendix A Introduction to The Great Controversy pp v xii Appendix B Selected Messages, Book 1, pp 15 23 Index of Bible Passages Cited Index of Ellen White References Cited...

Title : Escape from the Flames: How Ellen White Grew from Fear to Joy-- And Helped Me Do It Too
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ISBN : 0816320853
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Language : English
Publisher : Pacific Press Publishing Association February 1, 2005
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Escape from the Flames: How Ellen White Grew from Fear to Joy-- And Helped Me Do It Too Reviews

  • Andrew Dykstra
    2019-01-26 10:01

    This book is very important in showing evidence of growth on the part of Ellen G. White, considered to be the prophetess for Seventh-day Adventists. Ellen White wrote over a 70 year period and the denomination does not always provide context for her individual writings. That some of her writings conflict over the years is simply because she addressed different circumstances in different time periods. Ellen White's writings continue to be released in compilations around central themes. Whether Ellen White would have approved of counsels given without context pulled from very early to very late writings is unknown.

  • GodIsLove1968
    2019-01-31 06:11

    This is a very inspiring book... it helped me to read the Bible more like a case book and not like a code book of things to be done... when we get the real principles behind the rules and regulations, we will get a deeper sense of why we should do this or that...

  • Cathy Ward
    2019-01-18 10:43

    Nice book!

  • Delta Mike
    2019-02-05 10:04

    Another outstanding book from Dr. Thompson, a self-described conservative Christian willing to address the hard questions for those that live on the spiritual frontier. I am convinced that many of the hard questions 'we' ask are as defective as the (usually binary) answers we expect. Alden applies his brilliant thinking to these hard questions in presenting aspects that usually results in a terrific, Biblical model far better than I might have envisioned and brings glory to the character of God in having done so. This book, a little less deep than some other of his works, follows on so well to his earlier 'Inspiration' book and is a great companion to his 'Who's Afraid of the Old Testament God'. Great stuff! His writing has helped me grow and see God for the Friend that He is and moved me from a 'Codebook' orientation of the Bible to the 'Casebook' model that has brought such new meaning and understanding. Thanx, Alden!