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Jill Greenberg offers a fascinating, funny, and all too human collection of celebrity monkey and ape portraits Each of these 76 amazing anthropomorphic photographs will remind readers of someone they know....

Title : Monkey Portraits
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ISBN : 0821257552
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Bulfinch First Edition edition September 26, 2006
Number of Pages : 112 pages
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Monkey Portraits Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-09 03:01

    I bought this book without reading enough into the background of why and how it was done. Upon receiving it I read the introduction and realized that the majority of the primates within this book are those used in the entertainment industry. As a PhD educated animal welfare scientist and primatologist I am appalled by this and the lack of research and care on the part of the author. Primates are not here for our entertainment and only properly certified and qualified facilities with experienced and educated staff are capable of providing them the welfare and care they that deserve. That does not include the mass majority of people using them in the entertainment industry.

  • pamela
    2019-02-01 06:19

    For one who loves books on monkeys and apes, this is never the rating I thought I would give it. However, perhaps I am spoiled by the portraits taken in many of Frans de Waal's books. If you just want a quick, somewhat entertaining book to look at, Monkey Portraits is not at all bad. But I had to give it only two stars. The collection of portraits does not evoke emotion; it feels shallow. It might be any one of these factors, or a combination: It uses false studio lighting rather than the true environment of the animal. It shows extremely close-up photos, almost entirely head shots leaving out the "body language" which is so much a part of what makes ape/monkey portraits complete. I mean, if you want to count the hairs on their chin, these portraits are clear and carefully posed. There is one of a little gibbon that shows his whole body - it is by far my favorite photo in the book. Compared to Frans de WaaI's "My Family Album" (a far better choice for a gift or for yourself if you really love nature) this book was void and empty.

  • Christopher W. Gunlock
    2019-01-24 03:27

    If the cover of this book intrigues you, get the book. It's just a whole lot of really interesting monkeys in high definition. I've seen a lot of monkey photos, but I've never seen anything like this. The photographer really has some talent and a lot of skill.

  • C. Collins
    2019-02-04 06:01

    There is no doubt that Ms. Greenberg is a very fine photographer. The photographs in this book are technically perfect. Yet, when I looked through the book I was concerned about the captions that are often nonsense puns. I assume this was so that the book would have audience appeal but they take away from the photographs of the primates which are very interesting. There is a second concern which is that these animals are not in the wild but are trained primates used in television and movies and advertisements. Thus they are performing for the camera and for the most part may not be displaying expressions found in the wild under natural conditions. I am sure many people love the book without thinking about the existence of the animals in the photographs and without reflecting on why cute captions are employed to entertain. I suspect for many this book is highly entertaining and funny and for others it is a bit sad and exploitive.

  • J. Barnes
    2019-02-19 00:21

    I got this for my parents (they have everything, I really can't give them something practical) and they loved it. The pics are first and foremost funny, but also beautiful or endearing. I don't know if this is still on my parents' coffee table, but even if it's served it's time and is now buried in a bookcase, it's a great gift for the money.

  • Adam
    2019-02-03 07:01

    Fun book. I like to play a game called "which one of you started Ebola?" Spoiler alert: They all look guilty.

  • Hench
    2019-02-17 00:59

    I purchased this tome strictly because of the unique cover. I didn't know if digital trickery was involved, or if it really was a portrait. It and the amazing and beautiful pages inside are real photos. The quality and skill exhibited by the photographer is stunning. I was looking at my ancestors and they showed anger, aloofness, joy, shyness and all the other facial variances that I see in humans. It is the type of book that you can look at over and over, yet find something fresh each visit. Highly recommended.

  • Terri Benson
    2019-01-24 04:23

    Great book with adorable images. It makes a great conversation piece for the coffee table.