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Traces with great understanding, the development of Chinese Gardens over 5,000 years....

Title : The Chinese garden: History, art & architecture
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ISBN : 0847801934
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Rizzoli 1978
Number of Pages : 216 pages
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The Chinese garden: History, art & architecture Reviews

  • olfac87
    2019-03-14 04:48

    I bought this book for visual inspiration in my illustrating. I found the text pleasant to read and have been happy to learn about Chinese gardens. The visuals are stunning and of great variety. I hope the book is updated someday but this is a wonderful book for those interested in Chinese culture and gardening.

  • Grady Harp
    2019-03-10 23:04

    While the attitudes and examples of Japanese gardens abound in books and in cities around the world, very little has been written or photographs of the unique concepts found in the Chinese gardens. Maggie Keswick repairs that paucity of information with this very beautifully designed, photographed and written monograph on the spirit of the subtle beauties that abound in the Chinese garden.

  • John C. Nausieda
    2019-03-17 07:03

    I've been a garden designer in Portland Oregon for twenty years and have spent over a year in China visiting gardens . This book is a very good place to begin if you want to understand , on a basic level, Chinese gardens . It is however, not the place to stop if you really seek to understand them . To do that you have to try to understand the culture and times which produced them. Fruitful Sites by Craig Clunas is the best work which I have found so far as it analyzes the gardens at Suzhou over the course of several dynasties. Chinese Classical Gardens of Suzhou (Hardcover)

  • t. goh
    2019-03-10 23:49

    Rarely do we have a Westerner who can explain the intricacies and beauty of the Chinese Garden, which certainly played an important role in the lives of the Emperors and Empresses, and the Chinese literati. Maggie Keswick, by virtue of her education in Shanghai and her travels in China, has written a unique and lovely book to explain the philosophy behind the Chinese Garden. She has both depth and width in a subject that is scholarly, yet explained so well that the ordinary reader can appreciate. Ancient Chinese gardens gave inspiration to bonsai and miniature landscape art as well as the Zen gardens of Japan. Keswick's use of pictures and stories make the book indeed fulfilling.

  • Yvonne Y. Cao
    2019-03-18 06:39

    How great Chinese garden are!From north to south ,east to west,royal to normal,fancy to simple,you could see all of the best gardens in China.Especially two cities that must visit:Beijing,my hometown,and Suzhou,a wonderful small town built beside the river.The spirits of Chinese gardens were focused on how to combine nature and humanity together.The gardens in Suzhou absolutely rendered an ideal level without artificial fixing,you might called it "Eastern Venice".On the oher hand,Beijing seems much more luxurious since it used to be the capital of China for 5 dynasties.The best known garden named Summer Palace ,which settled in Western part of Beijing,belong to the royal family. A fire desaster ruined most valuable garden named Yuan Ming Yuan,if it still being there,Yuan Ming YUan might be the most gorgeous garden in the world.However we pitifully left a waste garden,morely a Country's shame.You luckily better read this book before you visit China.<>is a helpful tourguide take you a preview.