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Cabinetmaking at the highest level is an art, a discipline, a philosophy even a way of life in addition to being a useful craft In this book one of the greatest living cabinetmakers reflects on the deeper meanings of his craft and explains for less accomplished workers how the right attitudes toward materials, tools, and time can increase the joys of this complex activity Craftspeople in every medium will be inspired by this account of getting started and developing habits that lessen the difficulties of a complex craft....

Title : A Cabinetmaker's Notebook (Woodworker's Library)
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ISBN : 0941936597
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Linden Publishing March 1, 2000
Number of Pages : 132 pages
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook (Woodworker's Library) Reviews

  • pendoc1
    2019-01-20 12:23

    Reading this is like sitting at a table with an old craftsman, hearing about his life and his passion for wood and lumber. This book has little to offer the production woodworker or weekend hobbist building shelves out of plywood. Rather, this book delves into the life of James Krenov, his travels, his perspective, and his view of his life as a woodworker/cabinetmaker. If you have ever felled a tree, sawn it open, and discovered a beautiful piece of wood lying beneath the bark, then you will appreciate this book.

  • WoodworkingMasterclass
    2019-02-02 15:16

    From a philosophical point of view this is more a journal of the relationship one man has with the timber he works with rather than a how to guide. I love it as, in my opinion, it ties the living energies of the maker and the materials he works with together. I have had similar experiences, while working with wood, that he describes and above all it made me realise that I wasn't mad or if I was I was in the good company of others that are more sensitive to the world around them than those focusing on the time sheets and making a quick buck. Inspirational reading for the right person.

  • Thomas( Doc Savage 45)
    2019-02-08 18:26

    Like many I'm a JK follower. His writing and thoughts on woodworking are about the way we work with wood and why. Even how JK does it in this his first book which I didn't have but have since gone through it and gleaned some more wisdom. One thing that stood out for me is being my own teacher by not only observing what I am doing while I do it but paying close attention to my methods.

  • One Pony Show
    2019-02-08 14:13

    This book exceeded my expectation. Previously I found the author to be a rambler. Meaning using a hundred words to express a thought or idea which could be stated with ten. In writing this book he still rambles, however he managed to keep my interest. Woodworkers who's are beyond the "How To" stage should find the book enjoyable.

  • Marc Ruby™
    2019-02-03 15:25

    As woodworking books go, James Krenov's "A Cabinet Maker's Notebook" is an anomaly. What you won't find is any detailed plan on how to build Krenov cabinets. On fact, what you will find is the reason why you won't find step-by-step instructions. This is as close as woodworking comes to a philosophy book. Krenov is sharing the inside of his head, and his head doesn't quite work like anyone else's. It is a chance to look at the why's, not the how.

  • Vblow
    2019-01-31 12:41

    Husband loves these books.... he understands and learns a lot from what he reads..... this book does not contain step by step instructions

  • M. Rosendaul
    2019-01-30 15:27

    Every woodworker should own ALL of the Krenov books. He spends a lot of time on the philosophy of building and design. This is not a "how-to" book with plans.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-01-30 13:40

    This is really a book about Krenov's philosophy concerning the joys of woodworking, with little if nothing about actual techniques. Much autobiographical material. If you're into his work, and his ideas, then this is a must-read. He lives a very interesting life, almost Thoreau-like. I found it a very interesting read.