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Germany did not have professional players or a national league until the 1960s, yet it became one of the most successful football nations in the world Tor Goal traces the extraordinary story of Germany s club and international football, from the days when it was regarded as a dangerously foreign pastime, through the horrors of the Nazi years to postwar triumphs and the crisis of the new century.Tor challenges the myth that German football is predictable or efficient and brings to life the fascinating array of characters who shaped it the betrayed pioneer Walther Bensemann the enigmatic genius Sepp Herberger the all conquering Franz Beckenbauer the modern misfit Lothar Matth us And even the radio commentator Herbert Zimmermann, whose ecstatic cries of Tor greeted the winning goal in the 1954 World Cup final and helped change a whole nation s view of itself Beautifully crafted demolishes myths with the cold blooded efficency of a literary Gerd Muller The Times...

Title : Tor!: The Story of German Football
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ISBN : 0954013433
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Language : English
Publisher : WSC Books Limited May 12, 2002
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Tor!: The Story of German Football Reviews

  • john binder
    2019-02-16 17:09

    If you have any interest in German soccer, you must buy this book. A great read which delves into the details of what happened and why, including how the sport first developed in the country and succeeded over time, sometimes against dramatic opposition. The author does a careful analysis of his own, as opposed to just repeating the thoughts of others, and captures all the high points of the history of the sport in Germany (at least in men's competitions).

  • Keith Richardson
    2019-02-11 16:55

    Uli Heese-Lichtenberger's account of the history of German football is amazing. But anyone who has ever followed his regular columns before reading "Tor!" will not be surprised. I recommend this book to anyone who is the least bit interested in not only Germany's version of the world's game, but in a bit of German history too.

  • heinrichdervogler
    2019-01-24 13:08

    A witty, insightful look into the interesting & eccentric characters & events that have made up German football over the last century or so. I would recommend this book for American "soccer" fans that follow the English Premier League & looking to follow German football more as this book lays terrific groundwork of the rich tapestry of teams & regional football diversity in this great country.

  • Kelsey
    2019-02-08 14:52

    I love this book... I'm not even that huge of a soccer fan, but Hesse-Lichtenberger writes in a style that is accessible and entertaining. I learned a lot and enjoyed it as well. I hope that he will update it to reflect the awesome successes of the Bundesliga in the past few years!

  • Maineroad
    2019-02-05 13:45


  • Andréa Juchem
    2019-02-04 10:06

    A brilliant book. Fantastic... A remarkable book. A vivid portrait of german football. Essencial reading for fans of german football.

  • Charlie Bartel
    2019-01-23 11:01

    Remember an old TV series SOCCER MADE IN GERMANY with it's entertaining British host TOBY CHARLES? It ran on Public TV in the US in the mid 70's through the early 80's. In it's time it was almost the only source of European Football in the US, although with a German bent. Watching the weekly match highlights left me hungry to learn more about the history of German football beyond the last World or European Cup. Here comes TOR:THE STORY OF GERMAN FOOTBALL. It's terrific.

  • C. Covington
    2019-02-09 14:55

    This book details the first 120 or so years of football in Germany, from the first school clubs in the 1880s to the 2002 World Cup. Hesse's style is witty, at times dryly humorous, and never boring. The 2003 revised edition opens and closes with Fritz Walter: first, on the fateful day in Bern; last, with a poignant tribute from Miroslav Klose.