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They glitter They shimmer They bask in the glow of gently rotating color wheels They last forever Aluminum Christmas trees are the most spectacular souvenirs of our most recent Christmas Past the Christmases of the super mom 1960s.Season s Gleamings is the first book to celebrate these magnificent trees More than 45 stunning color photographs reveal the beauty and range of aluminum arbor, from red foil tabletop models to majestic seven footers Photographers J Shimon J Lindemann have trained their camera on their own collection of vintage trees, capturing them complete with hi fi s and highballs.Aluminum trees were born in 1959 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, once the Aluminum Cookware Capitol of the World Within a couple of years, shiny, foil branched Christmas trees were being made by dozens of companies and selling in the millions Elvis adorned Graceland s front yard with a row of lighted aluminum trees Their most famous appearance was in A Charlie Brown Christmas, when Lucy ordered Charlie Brown to get the biggest aluminum tree you can find Today the trade in vintage aluminum trees is fierce, and these crisp, beautiful symbols of modern living are again brightening thousands of American holidays Season s Gleamings is a reminder of how beautiful an aluminum tree can be and makes a perfect gift for lovers of Christmases both real and artificial....

Title : Season's Gleamings: The Art of the Aluminum Christmas Tree
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ISBN : 0971793530
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Melcher Media September 1, 2004
Number of Pages : 80 pages
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Season's Gleamings: The Art of the Aluminum Christmas Tree Reviews

  • Mary B Finney
    2019-03-06 06:55

    I was really excited to find this book. My friend loves old aluminum Christmas trees and all things retro. I thought this book would be something she would really enjoy, and got it for her as a Christmas gift. It is a little on the small side. There are lots of pictures of aluminum trees, but none of them great or fact, most of them are a little blurry and a bit dull. It would have been so much cooler if they would have made the effort to find REAL old photos and advertisements. There is not much written about the subject, either. So much could have been added to how and why aluminum trees came about, when and why they went out of style, their comeback today, their value in today's market, etc.. I wouldn't recommend the book at all. I took a chance on it, and I am still going to give it to my friend, but now I feel like I have to supplement this lame book with something else. I don't want her to be totally disappointed.

  • Tuff Tex
    2019-03-10 01:55

    It's difficult to believe an aluminum tree can make you feel so warm! I purchased this book after Christmas as one of those 'surprise gifts' for myself when I dig out all of my holiday stuff in November '10. That said, I didn't peruse it front to back yet, but as someone who grew up watching one of those trees change colors in my grandparents' living room, this book evoked some fantastic feelings. The variety of photos I did peek at are lovely and although I never thought of these trees as 'art' before, I do now! I see I still have a bit to learn about the wonderful aluminum tree I inherited and the rest of its family. I've been wanting this book since it was featured on Sunday Morning years ago, and I'm thrilled to finally have it.

  • Mark N
    2019-02-24 03:57

    The cover is one of the best parts of this book. I expected a lot more from it though. I thought there would be a lot more text detailing the history of aluminum trees, the rise and fall of their popularity, different manufacturers, pictures of the more rare colored and other variations such as pom poms, and decriptions and values of the trees. Instead it starts with a 4 page story of how a couple filled a store front with aluminum trees but won't sell them to anyone. Then it has a bunch of random pictures of mostly silver trees, a few vintage pictures, and a few art shots. Then ends with a 4 page story from a former employee for a total of 8 pages of text in the entire book. Basically best as a decorative coffee table book at Christmas time.

  • madam
    2019-02-24 04:46

    this book took me back to my childhood.i have no pictures of our old aluminum tree which was decorated with different colored ornaments.our treestand was silver cardboard and not as sturdy as the ones in the book.i learned something new i never knew they turned on a turntable.i remember the box and the brown paper that keep the silver limbs intact til next year.thank you for this book it made me so happy!

  • AH
    2019-03-10 03:45

    Interesting table book.

  • Scott C.
    2019-03-12 06:01

    I put this out every year as part of my Christmas decorations, along with my aluminum tree. Nice book. 5 stars based on subject matter alone, but it covers all the bases. If you like mid-century style, and the jet and atomic age, then this is a great book for you.

  • Not a high heel diva!
    2019-03-18 00:51

    I grew up with a silver Christmas tree and have wished over the years I still had it. My niece and I have talked about it over the years and she now has one. I checked this book out at the library and knew I had to buy it for my niece. It was a great gift for her. A very good Christmas coffee table book to bring out year after year.

  • jeff h.
    2019-02-26 03:53

    Love it!