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Three time EMMY award winning investigative reporter Mark Pettit, returns to write the final chapter in his best selling, and now newly updated book A Need to Kill The Death Row Drawings Dramatic and chilling new evidence comes to light exposing the sinister thoughts running through the mind of John Joubert the man behind the brutal murders of two young boys in Nebraska In the spirit of Truman Capote s In Cold Blood, Pettit delves into the Joubert case to tell the dramatic story from all angles as a non fiction novel In a series of exclusive, face to face interviews with Pettit, Joubert admits to a string of violent crimes and another killing that sends investigators into a frenzy ending with Joubert being convicted for a third murder and ultimately executed in Nebraska s electric chair Now, Pettit uncovers shocking new evidence from Joubert s prison records proving the killer was fantasizing about committing violent crimes Never before seen death row drawings made by Joubert while he waited to be executed once again send a chill through Nebraska and those touched by Joubert s horrific crimes In the updated version of his book, Pettit opens his investigative files to the public sharing never before scene evidence Pettit reveals aspects of Joubert s personality from exclusive interviews and details from the death row discussions that have never been shared publicly Criminal profiler Keith Howard who has investigated than 1,000 crimes weighs in with a dramatic assessment of the death row drawings, calling Joubert as a sexual sadist, pedophile and organized killer Howard s full assessment of Joubert is included in the book Pettit is a 25 year veteran journalist A former anchor at CNN, Pettit also worked as an anchor and investigative reporter at WXIA TV NBC in Atlanta and KMTV 3 CBS in Omaha Pettit is currently a Special Assignment Reporter for CBS46 News WGCL TV in Atlanta Follow Mark on Twitter pettitmark...

Title : A Need To Kill: The Death Row Drawings
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A Need To Kill: The Death Row Drawings Reviews

  • Justin Bousquet
    2019-03-13 16:36

    While the details are very disturbing, this book is extremely well researched and written. The author, Mark Pettit, really did his homework and was able to uncover evidence even the police couldn't find. His interviews with the killer, John Joubert, unearthed riveting information. It took Mr. Pettit more than 30 years to get his hands on the "Death Row Drawings" made by the killer that are revealed in the book. This is the type of investigative reporting we need in this world. Far from the "Fake News" you hear about today. I highly recommend this book, especially if you enjoy true crime.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-12 17:34

    I took this book on a recent trip to the beach and got so caught up in it, I got sunburned. I’m a fan of murder mystery books and this one ranks up there with one of the best I’ve ever read. The way the author tells the story, it’s like he’s there. I guess in many ways he was as he was able to interview all the major players in the case. The story did drag a bit in a couple of places like the hypnosis of the eyewitnesses, but even that part was interesting. The killer John Joubert was an evil person. I’m glad Mark Pettit was finally able to get his hands on the death row drawings and have them assessed. It really put everything into perspective. This guy would have kept killing for years if not captured. Definitely buy this book if you like true crime.

  • Rhonda H.
    2019-03-20 13:26

    Excellent book. I now live in Bellevue and have for 20 years and was very familiar with the case when it did occur as my father was on the police department and a fellow colleagueof his mentioned in the book was also involved in the case. Crazy to think a person could be so sick as John Joubert was but he definitely would've killed again without a doubt had he been released .

  • JBS
    2019-02-22 17:21

    Pettit's passion for the subject matter and the many years he spent pursuing his outcome vividly shines through in this fascinating true life story. Great read!

  • Jeremy
    2019-03-04 15:20

    This review is of the updated Death Row Drawings edition only, and should not reflect on the book overall which is a good (slightly amateurish) true crime book, and in fact the only book on this horrifying case, outside of a chapter in Robert Ressler's Whoever Fights Monsters (which is from his perspective as the FBI behavioral profiler on the case). So, 5 stars for having written THE book on Joubert, but sadly only 2 stars for this edition...

  • J. Lusk
    2019-02-23 13:28

    Good book, but mis-bound. There's no copyright page and the book starts partway through the author's introduction.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-24 14:41

    Great read!

  • art harris
    2019-03-18 18:21

    As a former Investigative Correspondent for CNN and a reporter for the Washington Post, I’ve covered enough violence, war, terror and crime that I can tell law enforcement sources we have something in common--we've both been shot at and missed.