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Looking For Lady Dee A Punk Rock Mystery is a one of a kind story paralleling the career of a second wave punk band Thrills with the disappearance of one of its fans The story of the late 70 s early 80 s popular music scene is the backdrop Author Johnny Angel Wendell tells all with pinpoint accuracy and wicked detail Lurid, vivid and relentless in its descriptions of rock music s unholy triumvirate sex, drugs and the music itself from an author that lived it and survived and his cohorts, many of whom did not The author recounts, as the 23 year old Johnny Angel, his history in the movement as a sullen, surly squirt leaning very much on negative charisma and impulsive street smarts to get ahead in the demi monde of punk New Wave And the disappearance of his love, a very good girl gone very bad, Ms Dee McClain As the 50 something Johnny Angel Wendell, he is contacted online by Ms McClain s best friend from the same music scene, Linda Vivienne DeMilo Boudreaux and together they piece together Dee s story through hard work and a bit of old fashioned chicanery What happened to their mutual friend leads them to places they never dreamed existed and in many ways, they thought they d seen it all Inspired by writers like Raymond Chandler, Lester Bangs, Bukowski and Dennis Lehane, Looking For Lady Dee is not another middle aged lookback at a wasted youth, but a hard nosed twisting and turning tome of discovery and resolution....

Title : Looking For Lady Dee: A Punk Rock Mystery
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ISBN : 0996138803
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : X Z Publishing 1 edition February 27, 2015
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Looking For Lady Dee: A Punk Rock Mystery Reviews

  • Footballfan
    2019-01-26 06:04

    For anyone with the misfortune of not knowing who Johnny Angel Wendell is Looking For Lady Dee is a great place to start . A punk icon with endless talents this book here displays his writing chops. The storytelling is the real deal just like the man himself.

  • CR Coolidge
    2019-02-16 23:58

    This is both a punk rock memoir and a whodunit rolled into one. Anyone interested in the Boston music scene of the late 70''s/early 80's would love this, Johnny Angel Wendell was both respected and disliked by many in the scene, both without knowing him very well. It's also unexpectedly a love story of two people who meet and have a one night stand that wasn't intended to be one, both fall for each other and somehow keep missing each other as they get involved with others. Years later Johnny wonders what happened to Dee and with the help of a mutual friend goes on a search for her whereabouts. The end result is both tragic, surprising and inspiring in a weird sort of way. It's hard to sort out what's fiction and fact, most names are real people but a few of the key names are changed to protect certain people, it's up to the reader to decide who and why. A riveting read.

  • Merrill P Bloor
    2019-02-05 06:44

    A Quick Review of Looking For Lady Dee (A Punk Rock Mystery by Johnny Angel Wendell)

  • Linda Leather
    2019-01-31 02:48

    What a fun joyride down memory lane! For those who were there, Johnny evokes the grittiness yet fab freedom of a fairly new style of music along with the mores of the moment....yes, those of us who grew up in the sex + drugs + rock 'n' roll days just pre-HIV, did much experimenting with little fear. Who knew what was just around the corner? For those who weren't there, this is like a time travel back to a brief but exciting era you'll understand better after reading.

  • John L. Bracich
    2019-01-31 05:45

    If you are looking for one of those plastic rock and roller autobiographies, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a very fun read, then Looking for Lady Dee is one to pick up. Wendell tells the story as if he were a modern day bard spinning you a tale you won’t soon forget. The vivid descriptions, from the hole in the walls the leading character would stay at to the dingy dark rooms his band, the Thrills, played at, you soon feel like you are actually there. And the characters, like I said, you will feel transported there, and the characters will feel so real, that you will (by the end of the book) get to really like and hate some of them (like the infamous Nick Rowland).

  • Gwen Abele
    2019-01-28 04:45

    I could not put down this book! Mr. Johnny Angel can spin a great yarn and I hope he'll come back with another story about those crazy years in the music scene. The sweet and sour city of Boston itself, always loomed in the background. Those wild days in the early 80's took me right back to my youth! Cheers to more from this author!