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Coming of age memoir about growing up in Ireland in the late 60s early 70s From the age of 9, the author was made to smuggle food supplies from the North of Ireland into the South, in order to increase profits from his fathers restaurant business From there we are introduced to his Grandfather, a lovable rogue whose self entertainment pranks knew no bounds Growing up in an impoverished family and era, the author was forced to cut his childhood short and assume a mans role on the family farm due to his fathers failing health His fathers disability does nothing to halt his penchant for coming up with completely unconventional methods of making a living, or places in which to live a double decker bus on the side of a Donegal mountain The reader is taken on a whirlwind adventure of life in Ireland without electricity or running water, where school clothes came out of brown parcels from an aunt in America and pets remained part of the family until it was time for them to be eaten....

Title : The Big Yank: Memoir of a Boy Growing Up Irish (J.P. Sexton's Memoir)
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ISBN : 0997900709
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : John Sexton 1 edition October 4, 2016
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The Big Yank: Memoir of a Boy Growing Up Irish (J.P. Sexton's Memoir) Reviews

  • Cyn O.
    2019-02-02 19:36

    THE BIG YANK: MEMOIRS OF A BOY GROWING UP IRISH, by J. P. Sexton, grabbed my imagination in the first paragraph and raptly held it to the very last sentence of the book. If the premise of an American/Irish family emigrating back to the wilds of Ireland from New York City during "The Troubles" of the 1970s and 1980s isn't enough to pique your interest, I assure you the engrossing tale of one boy's dire poverty, deprivation, and treatment at the hands of cruel, abusive parents will hold you captive page after page.

  • R. English
    2019-01-28 15:23

    I'm not usually a fan of autobiographical works. They seem to be either; a tale of woe to be blamed on the author's childhood and subsequent failed relationships or, a not so subtle litany of said author's self proclaimed amazing contributions to the human race. This book, I assure you, is neither.

  • Mariann MacCauley
    2019-02-09 15:40

    The Big Yank does just that it "yanks" you in and makes you want more! More of J.P. Sexton's story, his humor and his ability to survive. Born in America and raised in Ireland during "The Troubles" from age 9, is only the start of J.P.'s challenges in life. What he suffers at the hands and size 14 feet of his father, the Big Yank, will make you want to rush in and save him. J.P learns early how to survive his dysfunction parents abuse and overcome their inability to nurture him in any way.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-01-24 20:42

    The author makes you feel as you are there and living the experience with him. Heart wrenching at times, yet lighthearted at others. Looking forward to reading more stories from this author. Have and would recommend this book to any reader who likes to feel immersed. There was nothing that I disliked about the book other than I’m done reading and I feel like there’s more story to be told.

  • E. McGinley
    2019-02-08 19:49

    I read this wonderful book in one day! The author's story captured me from the first page. Joy, sorrow, hardships and triumph, it's all here. Mr. Sexton is a wonderful writer. He is expert at drawing the reader in to experience the sights, sounds and emotions of his life story. You can almost hear his lilting brogue jump off the pages. I am now a fan and would buy anything written by this talented, brutally honest writer. Well done!

  • Mary Kelly
    2019-02-10 14:33

    Oh! my God its like I'm on his journey and I can just picture the towns and the people and the adventures, the way he's writing it, I have to slow my self down to just one chapter a day.  Its like I'm there with him. So far it goes down as the best book I've read and Lord knows I've gotten tons.

  • Peggy Barr
    2019-01-19 17:31

    This is a wonderful book and I would recommend it to everyone. Sexton takes us on a journey through his childhood that is sad at times and almost brutal at other times. But there is a lot of levity as he introduces the reader to some very strange characters and situations that he actually lived through. This is a book you will read over and over.

  • Rory J McMahon
    2019-02-09 15:46

    It was a fabulous book. Extremely funny and well written. I can't wait for the next installment! !!