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Aviation Pioneers is a book compiled of stories Floyd Hill Davidson collected throughout his years working in aviation He began his career with Boeing Air Transport as a pilot in early 1932, continuing to fly for United Airlines for 35 years The stories he has collected describe what it was like to fly with the very first passengers, flight attendants, and the mail during the early days of aviation Floyd s granddaughter compiled his stories together which were found years after his passing She has left them exactly as they were written by her grandfather The stories are hilarious, and they will take you back to an exciting time in aviation history....

Title : Aviation Pioneers: A Collection of Stories From the First Airmail Pilots, Flight Attendants, and Passengers
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ISBN : 1448666317
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform August 26, 2009
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Aviation Pioneers: A Collection of Stories From the First Airmail Pilots, Flight Attendants, and Passengers Reviews

  • D'Arcy
    2019-04-12 10:38

    Aviation Pioneers is the reminiscences of one man involved in the early days of commercial aviation. The stories are not very interesting, extremely sexist and repetitive. Best way to describe this book - dull and non-informative. Best thing about the book - it is mercifully short. Pass it by. PS - It didn't cost much but if Amazon ever gave you their money back, this is one case it would be deserved. (Had to give it at least a star to complete the review but otherwise it does not rate any stars.)

  • M. P. Thomas
    2019-04-08 14:43

    So much of the adventure and the fun have been sucked out of flying; airplanes are so computerized that they fly themselves, and rules, regulations, and restrictions are so exhaustive that your flight crew almost has to break one rule to enforce another. As an aviation worker it's fun for me to read stories like the ones in this book about the early days, when part of a stewardess's job was to make sure that the wicker chairs were tightly bolted to the floor and cabin temperature was regulated by opening and closing windows; the days when, as Davidson says, "every trip was an experience, a mystery, and a challenge."

  • Ang
    2019-04-14 09:24

    I so throroughly enjoyed this book! I thought the deadpan jokes were hilarious! You really do have to have a sense of humor to be in this industry, or it will make you crazy. I've been flying for over 15 years, and am still fascinated on how aviation operated in the past - from the planes they flew, to the service, to what the expectations were of both crew and pax - the aviation industry has changed so much, and it is such a differenct culture now. It still makes listening to such stories fun, with all the nostalgia involved, good, bad and otherwise. While some may be offended by the "tone" of the book, one has to remember the generation and time of which it was originally penned. I thought this was a well told "story" by his grandaughter, Tamara. It was an entertaining, fun, insightful read for anyone that enjoys aviation, knows anyone in aviation, or has any kind of aviation experience. How lucky are we, that his experiences have been able to be told. Every generation has a story. Be thoughtful, mindful and respectful of it. Grandpa would be so proud of her

  • Annie Higgins
    2019-04-16 09:15

    I received a copy of Aviation Pioneers from a friend, who knows I enjoy reading about the history of aviation, and the ladies and gentlemen who played such a huge part in getting this industry off the ground - no pun intended! I truly enjoyed the stories from Captain Davidson, as they took me back in time to a place I can only imagine. It must have been so exciting to be a part of something which at the time was brand new, but which we now take for granted. I found the stories to be funny and charming - a good reminder of the fact that things are not always better today than they were in the past. I applaud Captain Davidson's granddaughter for helping keep his memory alive while entertaining us at the same time.