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Bruce Hoffman spent four years in the United States Marine Corps Two of those years were spent in Vietnam and Okinawa And My Mother Danced with Chesty Puller is the story of a young Marine s adventures during the Vietnam War, sometimes humorous, sometimes hair raising The story begins with a young man drawn into the Marine Corps to become an Embassy Marine but he ends up stuck with an office job instead He struggles to get into the fight in Vietnam, only to be stationed in South Carolina and is offered a part time job with a bootlegger to ride shotgun When he finally arrives in Vietnam he discovers that he isn t supposed to be there, but in Okinawa instead, which turns out to be the land of booze and brothels He was able to find a few girlfriends along the way, not only in South Carolina and Okinawa, but in Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam Marines weren t all in combat many were in the rear with the beer After volunteering three times for Vietnam he was able to transfer to Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron VMO 2, and fly as an Aerial Gunner in UH 1E Huey Helicopters Finally, he became a Marine in combat....

Title : And My Mother Danced with Chesty Puller: Adventures of a Marine in the Rear, to Combat in Vietnam
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ISBN : 1450209688
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Language : English
Publisher : iUniverse First Edition edition February 22, 2010
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And My Mother Danced with Chesty Puller: Adventures of a Marine in the Rear, to Combat in Vietnam Reviews

  • Eli P.
    2019-01-20 06:20

    I finished this book in two sittings which is unusual for me. It was an autobiography of one of America's heroes, who volunteered to ride along as a door gunner on Marine helicopters in Vietnam, when he could have stayed "in the rear with the beer."

  • J. R. Brown
    2019-01-30 12:09

    Enjoyed the hell out of the book. Never tried non-fiction myself except for magazine articles. You made it look easy. Great mix of humor, adventure, real-life drama was all true! Hope I can remember my service time someday as well as you. Takes a lot for an Army Grunt to admit he enjoyed a book about Jar Heads. ;-)

  • Ted
    2019-01-25 12:19

    gived the reader a look at the heart of the Viet Nam years and the pride of being part of something that is bigger than you could possibly understand until you are older. Hoffman takes us on that journey and i thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

  • Lutzboater
    2019-02-16 11:27

    Former Marine Bruce Hoffman brings a different perspective to a Viet Nam era Marine. At a time when there were young Americans trying to avoid military service in general and Viet Nam specifically, Mr. Hoffman recounts his service time and the efforts he needed to get to Viet Nam.

  • Benjamin Brenneman III
    2019-02-03 09:04

    I have bought and read a LOT of books about my time in Vietnam. Almost all of them were disappointing, some were total wastes of time. Who would expect that the very best one would come now, some 40 plus years later? And I don't think that assessment is colored by personal involvement - Mr Hoffman was one of my gunners in VMO-2. Our tours overlapped. He started flying several months before Tet `68, and my tour was over shortly after. Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate our declassified After-Action-Reports for precisely that intense period of time, so we cannot be sure exactly when we flew together, or on what missions. It is fashionable to talk of the "fog of war" to describe the fact that no one can know everything that is going on in real time. This book filled in some details for me, like George Lakey's and Joe Cestare's crashes. Bruce has an amazing recall of our time in Vietnam, and all of them that I am familiar with are accurate. It was a very emotional read for me, to put it mildly. Semper Fi Bruce!

  • Stephen F. Valley
    2019-01-25 14:02

    And My Mother Danced with Chesty Puller: Adventures of a Marine in the rear, to combat in Vietnam by Bruce Hoffman shows how a young southern man comes of age as a Marine during the Vietnam era. We meet the innocent teenager Bruce during his senior year of high school and grow with him as he enlists in the Marines; lingers in stateside duty positions and finally where he finally becomes a hard core Marine while serving in Okinawa and Vietnam. Bruce does a great job of showing what military life is outside of the combat from the daily mantra of duty during the day and drinking every night all the way to becoming the battle hardened Marine he always dreamed to be. Do yourself a favor and grab an adult beverage, kick back on a comfy chair and enjoy this book.

  • Thomas W. Green Jr.
    2019-02-17 08:07

    A great read. Bruce and I served together in the Corps - beginning with Parris Island. More importantly we grew up on the same street, attended the same schools and roomed together post Marine Corps. I had a chance to visit with him once at Marble Mountain in 1967. As with another character in his book Bruce "promoted" me so we could have a few beers at the NCO club. The book aroused some strong memories of the times and the "men" (most under 21) who humped the terrain, unloaded the bodies, resupplied their fellow Marines and that special group that came back to get you no matter how hot the LZ. I have often thought that REMF was a harsh term and Bruce's story shows us that inside of every REMF is a potential warrior. Semper Fi.

  • D. Hoffman
    2019-02-05 11:59

    An avid reader all my life, there is very few genres I do not enjoy, however, were this book not written by my brother-in-law, I probably would not have given it a second glance. Bruce has always been an incredibly interesting enigma to me with most of the few stories I knew about his time in Vietnam coming from my husband (the little brother) Mark.