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From USF World Clubbing in Australia is not very different from clubbing anywhere else in the world Admittedly, Australia s DJs tend to play music that was popular in the States four months earlier and play it often It s advice like this that USF alumnus Felix Churchill gives in his recently published book, Study Abroad Australia A Roaming Scholar s Guide Churchill spent 6 months in Australia from July to December 2008 Available on .com Having experienced the common study abroad transitions from culture shock to making life long friends he notes, at first I had a hard time getting my head around how a place so similar in appearance to America could be so different But, after a few weeks I wore the place like a glove and enjoyed it immensely It s not uncommon to experience culture shock many USF students haven t traveled abroad before are surprised at the differences in everything from meals to basic customer service Noticing a lack of published resources and guides for students traveling abroad, Churchill set to out to tell his fellow study abroad comrades everything they need to know, from advice on aborigines to knowledge on the symbols of active gangs The book leaves nothing out, including an appendix full of Aussie terminology like meat wagon meaning an ambulance and no worries which covers just about everything in Australia As he mentions in his book, No worries is very important Doesn t matter if you ask an Aussie friend for a small favor or the world is coming to an end A true Aussie will always say no worries Filled with common sense advice on dating, homesickness, cell phones, dangerous animals to avoid, the Australian university system and , Churchill provides a lot information in a handy guide He sums it up nicely, You have to understand that it study abroad will not be how you expect it to be, and that is a good thing Prepare your classes and your finances for the trip, but don t expect to be able to plan for anything else And pack lightly they do have malls in other countries Back of the book Want to study abroad in Australia Then you need this book Study Abroad Australia is the most in depth guide to studying abroad in Australia on the market You need to arm yourself with knowledge Don t leave unprepared In this book you will learn how to apply for your programs what to do if your school doesn t have a study abroad program how to plan for your trip how to adapt to the Australian lifestyle what dangerous animals to avoid about the Aussie university system about clubbing in Australia how to study effectively how to go clubbing how to make sure your credits transfer and much Whether you know exactly where you are going in Australia, or you are just considering going, this book is for you....

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