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Canada is seen as a peaceful place, but this wake up call shows us that there have been than 60 serial killers in our history There are than 60 serial murderers in Canadian history For too long awareness of serial murder in Canada has been confined toWest Coastbutcher Clifford Olson and the Schoolgirl Murderers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, along with the horrific acts of pig farmer Robert Pickton Unlike our American neighbours, Canada has been viewed as a nation untouched by the shadow of multiple murder Then came Colonel Russell Williams and his bizarre homicides and serial home invasions, which were sensational news worldwide on the Internet and television and in scores of newspapers and magazines The reason for Canadas serial killer blackout is clear until now such information has never been compiled and presented in a single concise work ColdNorth Killers is a wake up call This detailed and haunting account of Canadas worst monsters analyzes their crimes, childhoods, and inevitable downfalls It is an indispensablecompendium for any true crime lover, criminologist, or law enforcement officer....

Title : Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder
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ISBN : 1459701240
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Publisher : Dundurn March 3, 2012
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Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder Reviews

  • M. Rathbun
    2019-02-25 05:22

    Wow. Great book. In a collection of over 500 books on serial murder, this one soars right into the top 10 that Ive read. Mellor dispels the myth that canada has been basically free from the serial repeat killer through time. With right at 60 concise biographies on canadien serial killers, mostly sexual killers, it doesnt take long to figure out that our northern nieghbor has had some monsters every bit as depraved as our homegrown products right here in the states. Lees writing is fluid and never boggs down. I liked that the bios were mostly between 3-5 pages instead of the obligatory 1 or 2 paragraphs most compendiums use. His research had to have been an enormous undertaking and i think his work has paid off in a book that will captivate most any scholar or laymen enthusiast of the serial killer nonfiction genre. Way to go dude. Awesome book.

  • Patrick Mcnamara
    2019-03-24 00:58

    Ok. I just got this book on friday September 21st. I absolutely love it. The author did his home work. Over 60 serial killers are detailed in this book. The author gives detailed brief accounts of their lives,crimes,and so forth. It is amazing to learn how sick some of theese monsters are or were. Even some gruesome double murderers where included. This book is well written. I recomend it for any serial killer fan,true crime fan,or anybody intrested in this subject line.

  • Ivan simmons
    2019-03-18 08:19

    Bought it for my wife for Christmas, she likes stuff like this. The best serial killer book she has ever read . She's read this book probably three times now, and keeps freaking me out with the details LOL.

  • Kevin Fitz
    2019-02-28 05:19

    Decent stories, some interesting some not

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-24 08:19

    I can't speak to the entire contents of the book, but I can comment with a good deal of certainty with respect to at least one of his subjects since it involves the person that killed my sister and other innocent women. Mellor appears to have leaned heavily on other writings on the topic that are equally fictional, take liberties with the truth and are simply wrong. One would have expected a higher degree of veracity from a work purported to be non-fiction. If you find this type of genre entertaining, it may be fine; however, if you are interested in a fact-based work, you may be disappointed.

  • RJ Parker, PhD
    2019-03-02 05:03

    COLD NORTH KILLERS: CANADIAN SERIAL MURDER by fellow Canadian author Lee Mellor is a well-written compendium of serial killers and unsolved serial killings in Canada.