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As the oldest and favorite daughter of Thomas Jefferson, Martha Patsy Jefferson Randolph 1772 1836 was extremely well educated, traveled in the circles of presidents and aristocrats, and was known on two continents for her particular grace and sincerity Yet, as mistress of a large household, she was not spared the tedium, frustration, and great sorrow that most women of her time faced Though Patsy s name is familiar because of her famous father, Cynthia Kierner is the first historian to place Patsy at the center of her own story, taking readers into the largely ignored private spaces of the founding era Randolph s life story reveals the privileges and limits of celebrity and shows that women were able to venture beyond their domestic roles in surprising ways.Following her mother s death, Patsy lived in Paris with her father and later served as hostess at the President s House and at Monticello Her marriage to Thomas Mann Randolph, a member of Congress and governor of Virginia, was often troubled She and her eleven children lived mostly at Monticello, greeting famous guests and debating issues ranging from a woman s place to slavery, religion, and democracy And later, after her family s financial ruin, Patsy became a fixture in Washington society during Andrew Jackson s presidency In this extraordinary biography, Kierner offers a unique look at American history from the perspective of this intelligent, tactfully assertive woman....

Title : Martha Jefferson Randolph, Daughter of Monticello: Her Life and Times
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Martha Jefferson Randolph, Daughter of Monticello: Her Life and Times Reviews

  • Ronald H. Clark
    2019-01-27 07:55

    This is a very outstanding biography of Thomas Jefferson's first-born and longer surviving daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph (1772-1836). The author, a leading scholar of the revolutionary period, early southern history, and women's history, has combined these perspectives in developing an interesting and valuable study that adds to our understanding of the early American republic.

  • karin morgan
    2019-02-16 07:17

    A must read, this book should be read with ' America's First Daughter' by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamie. One is a story, this book has more historical facts in it. For instance Martha had 13 children, one died in infancy, one miscarriage Varina was a property that was in the Randolph family for centuries dating back to Pocahontas ,in Henrico County.,Which means all her children are related to her also.This book has more historical facts..Tom Randolph was treated badly by his father. His Father madr him executer to his will , but left Tuckahoe to his second wife.Yet he was left with a 6k debt to pay.Although he did get Varina and Edgehill, but not as fancy as Tuckahoe.The second wife also named her son Thomas Mann Randolph. Martha was a devoted wife and mother.Her main home was Monticello, Edgehill during harvest season.Martha could play the harpsichord, pianoforte, and guitar.She could speak French , Latin and Italian,She was the most educated woman in Virginia.. In Virginia there was a land crash , because of westward expansion , Jefferson co - signed a loan for 20k, the person died he was left with the debt. plus 1,2000,00 interest.This plus Tom's debt was a lot.. This plus Tom's debt of 6k , plus a loan on 33k was never to be paid back till the very end.. This book is a good example for being frugal. At the end everything had to be sold, Monticello, Poplar Forest, Varina , and Edgehill, which Martha's eldest son bought.iT is a shame as her daughter's grew older they were very frugal, but they could not stop , her father co - sighing loans. Or her Husband taking out loans.Martha once said ' The discomforts of slavery I borne all my life' but it's sorrows in all their bitterness I never before conceived" In the end Martha suffered terrible poverty. And the loss of everything she loved . She never had a home of her own. She lived in Boston. Cambridge, Albermarle Virginia,,and Washington D.C. Thomas Jefferson owed 100k in debt due high spending [ wine, books, food , clothes for his 11 grandchildren] because their Father was in debt also.. Everyone was in DEBT.

  • blanche brick
    2019-02-08 11:06

    Martha Jefferson Randolph's life provides an opportunity to understand the American society of the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian periods. It shows the challenges that women faced in a society where their roles were vital to the success of raising the next generation but where they were almost completely dependent upon the success of the men in their lives. It gives a wonderful view of a woman who faced these challenges with courage and who managed to keep her large family together in the midst of these challenges. And it shows why the role of women in the American society of the early 19th century was a vital one rather than merely a submissive one as is often the way it is viewed today.

  • Grace Maynard
    2019-01-22 13:20

    I had long been curious to know more about the life of "Patsy" Jefferson. This biography fulfilled that quest. Ms. Kiernan did a thorough search of available first-hand and secondary sources of information on Martha Jefferson to re-create a well-rounded picture of Thomas Jefferson's daughter in her own right. As one would expect, she was bright, sensitive and thoughtful. She was conventional for her time and place. She was ambivalent about slavery and eventually embraced the belief that it had no place in America society. She endured a difficult marriage, poverty in her later life, and the scattering of her eleven children. I often re-read my favorite biographies and this book will be one of those.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-11 13:10

    Our family revisited Monticello during September 2016. The book by Cynthia A. Kierner about Martha Jefferson Washington enhanced our experience. We were aware of many facts about the genius man, T Jefferson, but this book made the era real through the eyes of his daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph. I learned a lot of history & gained a new respect for my freedoms.