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Often photographed in a cowboy hat with her middle finger held defiantly in the air, Florynce Flo Kennedy 19162000 left a vibrant legacy as a leader of the Black Power and feminist movements In the first biography of Kennedy, Sherie M Randolph traces the life and political influence of this strikingly bold and controversial radical activist Rather than simply reacting to the predominantly white feminist movement, Kennedy brought the lessons of Black Power to white feminism and built bridges in the struggles against racism and sexism Randolph narrates Kennedy s progressive upbringing, her pathbreaking graduation from Columbia Law School, and her long career as a media savvy activist, showing how Kennedy rose to founding roles in organizations such as the National Black Feminist Organization and the National Organization for Women, allying herself with both white and black activists such as Adam Clayton Powell, H Rap Brown, Betty Friedan, and Shirley Chisholm.Making use of an extensive and previously uncollected archive, Randolph demonstrates profound connections within the histories of the new left, civil rights, Black Power, and feminism, showing that black feminism was pivotal in shaping postwar U.S liberation movements....

Title : Florynce “Flo” Kennedy: The Life of a Black Feminist Radical (Gender and American Culture)
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Publisher : The University of North Carolina Press October 5, 2015
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Florynce “Flo” Kennedy: The Life of a Black Feminist Radical (Gender and American Culture) Reviews

  • megan
    2019-02-04 14:38

    Florynce Kennedy is by far the most important women fighting for inclusive equality during the civil rights movement. After reading this book from the library I wanted it to reference for my various projects revolving around women's history! SHERIE RANDOLPH is the best!

  • Beth Pride
    2019-01-22 21:41

    Loved that Flo is finally getting some recognition. The story was unbiased and non-judgmental. I will use many of her tactics going forward.

  • S. valentine
    2019-02-03 16:28

    the life of Flo is remarkable!

  • Nicole M. Jackson
    2019-01-24 15:29

    Arrives quickly. New.

  • garden girl
    2019-02-02 15:39

    This is an interesting book following the activist career of Floranyce Kennedy . She was the first black and first woman to graduate from Columbia Law School. She started numerous black power and feminist groups and worked tirelessly to combine these causes.

  • SeattleBookMama
    2019-01-17 19:38

    Flo Kennedy was a force to be reckoned with, dismissed by a portion of mainstream Caucasian America as a kook, yet far too clever, too cagey, and too damn smart to be wished away by those that wanted to defend the racist, sexist status quo. When I saw that a memoir of her life was up for grabs at Net Galley I requested a copy immediately, and then took a long time to finish reading it. Part of my tardiness is a stubborn dislike for the PDF format, and so I apologize to University of North Carolina Press and my readers for being so slow; yet a small part of it was the surprisingly dry quality of the memoir. Given the subject, I had expected this biography to set my hair on fire.

  • G. Marsella
    2019-02-11 20:25

    I've got a new hero (not only feminist, but a fierce warrior against all forms of discrimination), and she doesn't look anything like me. I had never heard of her before reading this book, in fact (a symptom of a significant problem in itself.) She reminds me of a black Molly Ivins, although she predated her by several years. (Perhaps I should say Molly Ivins resembled a white Flo Kennedy). In any event, this is a must-read.

  • Matilda
    2019-02-15 19:33

    This book is worth reading solely on how interesting Kennedy’s life was: a black female lawyer who had to fight Columbia to let her into their law school (they’re argument was they weren’t being racist they didn’t want her because she was a woman); was Billie Holiday's lawyer; assisted Valerie Solanas (the woman who shot Andy Warhol) with her legal defense; was a lawyer, and very influential, in the case that preceded Roe vs Wade; she founded The Feminist Party which launched the first Democratic woman for presidential nomination and the first major-party black candidate; The National Black Feminist Organization was founded in her apartment; she founded Coalition Against Racism and Sexism; lectured with Gloria Steinem. (That’s just some of what she accomplished.)