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Many actors are hungry for guidance You re in a profession that offers no promise of recognition, fulfillment or even steady employment despite your talent, training or degrees A great actor can be passed over for a lesser one a year of booking wonderful roles can be followed by two years of unemployment a successful actor can find him or herself spiritually empty in the midst of adulation Performers must deal with the unique circumstance of having their face, body, mind and emotions on display for judgment every day Consequently, there s an overwhelming desire to obtain some emotional grounding and inner peace within a very uncertain profession The Present Actor was written specifically to address the challenges that you face every day, whether you re just starting out or have already acquired some measure of success This book speaks specifically to the performer on an all encompassing emotional, spiritual and practical level As a casting executive for a major television network, understanding an actor s ego, heart, intellect and imagination is my job Finding your way requires time, patience and love I can t reach all of you personally, but I can hope to make my knowledge available to you through this book I was truly moved by what Marci wrote I kept on saying, yes, yes, yes , I discuss these ideas with my clients all the time It s than taking class and breaking down a scene. She captures the sum of the parts in such a comprehensive manner yet with so much compassion It s the actor s self help book for anyone who dares to dream I LOVE it Rhonda Price, Partner The Gersh Agency...

Title : The Present Actor: A Practical and Spiritual Guideline to Help You Enjoy the Ride
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ISBN : 1477624791
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Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform August 29, 2012
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The Present Actor: A Practical and Spiritual Guideline to Help You Enjoy the Ride Reviews

  • Citysister
    2019-02-05 02:25

    I have had the privilege of not only being a working actor, but knowing Marci for many years. However I am not being biased when I say that I am SO glad she wrote this book and she's done a magnificent job. It has been needed for a long time. I've personally tried to advise, instruct and help many actors trying to make their way in acting, especially for the camera. And there are many times when I myself need help. Marci has taken her years of experience and her profound desire to help actors and put a voice to it in this book.

  • Robin Wilder
    2019-01-22 03:40

    Brief, readable, and deeply profound, this book does more to dispel the age-old, mythological rift between actor and casting director than any other book I've read.

  • skimmy
    2019-02-03 03:26

    Marci really covers everything- from start to finish this book has got it all. How to think of your career as both an artist and professional, to practical advice on auditioning and skill building and marketing yourself, to how to deal with fear and disappointment, and I have _never_ read an acting or artist advice book that has much focus on mental health and wellness! And that really is the key. I think the title is poignant- when I think of a present person (actor or not), I think of someone who is balanced mentally, healthy physically (or trying to be), and motivated spiritually (to whatever force or life spirit, etc. they believe in).

  • Natalie
    2019-02-07 22:16


  • Rob
    2019-02-19 06:32

    For me as an actor, who has also had the benefit of a prior career in a more socially (holidays with the family) accepted secure professional life, I can absolutely say that my life as an actor has been so wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling, and at the same time also fraught with the ups and downs of celebration and self-loathing and insecurity that often turn on a dime, where I'm left asking myself, what the hell is wrong with me. Acting's a hard life because there's no where to hide from myself, and that's why I also think it's a beautiful life. And that's also why I love Marci's book The Present Actor. Marci's book not only gives great practical thoughts, insight and advice for real professional actors, but also speaks to the subtle profound things that I personally have stumbled upon and continue to discover that have been the most important for me -- not only all the things you need to make sure you do to audition well, but often more importantly all the noise in the head that gets in the way of allowing yourself to do your best work, and where that noise comes from. Absolutely read Marci's The Present Actor if you're an actor, and read it even if you're not an actor but just a person interested in pursing happiness in life.