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You won t want to put down THE LAST BUSH PILOTS while the midnight sun still shines Airways MagazineTOP 100 MAINSTREAM FICTION BREAKTHROUGH NOVELS 2013 Mayday, Mayday I m going down, I m going Do Author, airline captain and popular blogger Eric Auxier brings his former Alaska bush flying to life in his second novel, The Last Bush Pilots Exhilarating flying, tall tales and larger than life characters abound in a wild land that truly is America s Last Frontier Two young pilots, Daniel DC Alva and Allen David Foley, take on the world s most dangerous flying the Alaska bush But Mother Nature and a sexy Native Alaskan stand in their way Southeast Alaska Seaplanes, Juneau Retired airline captain, Chief Pilot Dusty Tucker pilots a renegade band of flying misfits Meet legendary bush pilot Jake Crash Whitakker, equally adept at landing planes and ladies and crashin em as well prankster pilot Ralph Olaphsen, who once set an extinct volcano ablaze on April Fool s Day and no nonsense Check Airman Holly Innes, trying to cut a respectable niche in the notoriously macho bush pilot world while escaping a dangerous past Amid Alaska s soggy skies, DC and Allen face escalating challenges in and out of the cockpit The two cheechackos, or greenhorns, are roped into Crash and Ralph s hare brained scheme, Operation Dirty Harry Under the suspicious nose of Draconian FAA Inspector Frederick Bruner, the pilots hatch a plot to hijack and rescue a planeload of orphaned bear cubs Moreover, mischievous Tlingit Indian Tonya Hunter, as wild and unpredictable as the land in which she lives, plays the two lovestruck cheechackos against each other But the true villain of the story is Mother Nature herself Alaska s notoriously fickle weather and rugged terrain take on a life of its own Can the two cheechackos survive Her relentless onslaught and launch their fledgeling airline careers...

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Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform November 17, 2012
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The Last Bush Pilots Reviews

  • Jim Wright
    2019-02-26 00:51

    Those who have lived in Alaska will appreciate the authenticity of Eric's writing sytle. Those who have never been to Alaska will find themselves wanting to visit (or maybe even move there). The various plots woven into the bush flying narrative are captivating - including unexpected lines such as the Casa Blanca reference.

  • Kathy Walsh
    2019-03-14 05:40

    Never been to Alaska and can't imagine living there, but, for what it's worth, this story could change a person's overall outlook on Alaska.

  • Jeff Carr
    2019-02-22 23:30

    I was looking to buy this book to to get a feel of what the bush pilot lifesytle was like. I enjoyed this book about 90% of the time because it scratched that itch for adventures about pilots living in the last frontier. I even liked the characters and the non flying related antics that went on (as a person that stays away from fiction, this is saying a lot) but there is one character I didn't like. It frustrated me that every time this character was mentioned, they caused so much unneeded drama and they weren't even that well developed. Why would anyone like this person or go out of their way to please them. Overall good book but you could skip every mention of this character and it would enhance the experince.

  • myjudge2
    2019-03-10 04:56

    I really didn't expect to be pulled in like that. It's a really good book and you will find yourself emotionally vested in the characters. I wish everyone had the ability to take experiences like these and turn them into a readable novel instead of just a bunch of stories.

  • PamS
    2019-03-19 02:55

    Loved reading about the adventures of DC as he goes from flying tourist at the Grand Canyon to Bush Pilot in southern Alaska. After watching several "reality" TV shows on Flying Wild Alaska (and similar) the characters came to life for me as I read this book. Many times felt as though I were in the plane with them. Sorry to see the book end. The plot lines seemed as though they were being retold by friends shooting the breeze while sharing a cold one. Very enjoyable. Only one plot line seemed out of place, the trucker chasing his lost girlfriend. It didn't add to the main story and distracted from the main characters.

  • Daydreamer
    2019-03-16 05:34

    Keeps the reader hooked from the first page. Excellent novel for both professional aviators and non-pilots. A compulsory page-turner. The book is a delightful journey alongside a young man with dreams very similar to those of many aspiring airline pilots. The writer's style is candid and honest and leaves the reader wanting for more. I enjoyed this book tremendously and will read as much I can from this refreshingly interesting author.

  • Ron Rapp
    2019-03-15 05:45

    An excellent read! As a professional pilot I identified with many of the hard choices the characters had to make and how challenging those early jobs can be.

  • BonRip
    2019-03-14 23:43

    "Mayday...Mayday". Those two words were the bait. As twisted as this might sound in the looming possibility of someone's demise I needed to find out what happened next, and so I kept reading. I was then completely hooked and reeled in. Author, Eric Auxier knows how to deliver a heart thumping beginning that shaped the foundation of this fictional story of two young aspiring pilots, Daniel C Alva "DC", and his best friend Allen D Foley. Working the skies towards getting into the big leagues, they both take on the Alaskan Bush, and whatever else "SHE" decides to dish out. This heart thumping adrenalin rush continues throughout the whole novel making it such a worthwhile purchase.