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Your dog may hide in the laundry basket in the closet because she s scared of your three year old son, because she s not feeling well, or maybe just because she likes the smell of your laundry She might bite and tug at your pant legs because she wants to play, because she wants to be fed, or because she is scared of legs Should she be corrected, redirected or reassured If you respond to a behavior with no understanding of why the behavior is occurring, you run the risk of creating problems instead of solving them Punishing a scared dog doesn t make much sense neither does rewarding an aggressive dog and so being able to understand the instinctual and emotional motivations behind your dog s behavior would be extremely helpful when determining how to address her undesirable behaviors Excerpt from Chapter 1 Here s the question Am I solving the right problem the right way Many trainers and authors tell us what to do based on what they believe to be best , but without understanding the dog, the owner, the family and the situation, how can any one approach solve all problems It can t What we should do is not always the same as what we are willing to do, what we are capable of doing, or what will actually be effective with our dog and our family The Canine Strategies Workbook is less of a dog training book and of a psychological and behavioral troubleshooting guide If you want to teach your dog to beg and roll over, you might enroll in a training class If you want to help your dog with fear, reactivity, obsessive behaviors or hyperactivity, this is a resource for you The goal of The Canine Strategies Workbook is to provide an understanding of what is happening, coupled with options on how to address these situations in ways that work for you Why a workbook It s interactive It takes you out of your head and into the world The exercises are designed to get you involved in the process The relationship you have with your dog is unique and should be treated as such The workbook approach helps you explore that relationship Theory is fine theory plus execution is even better The strategies and approaches contained in the workbook may be especially helpful with dogs that have been rescued or re homed from shelters or foster situations Often, it is impossible to know what the dog has experienced earlier in life, but being able to recognize and possibly reprogram the situations that cause the dog to experience stress may be able to greatly improve the experiences and relationship for dog and owner The Canine Strategies Workbook breaks from many dog training dog psychology books insofar as it is does not follow the model of Applied Behavioral Analysis Instead, consideration is given to emotional direction and intensity For those who find ABA too clinical, this emotional intuitive approach may be a better fit Chapters Preface Tickle, Momo Olive Introduction About This Workbook Chapter 1 Emotion, Direction Intensity Chapter 2 My Dog Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire Chapter 3 Body Language Chapter 4 Preconditions Chapter 5 Energy Obedient Over Behavior Obedient Chapter 6 Our Role In The Relationship Chapter 7 Confidence Dogs That Make Good Decisions Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Become a Dog Detective Situation Feeling Behavior Chapter 9 The Debate Over Positive Reinforcement Pack Leader Chapter 10 Not Carrot or Stick, Carrot and Stick Chapter 11 The Power of Positivity Chapter 12 Disagreements Chapter 13 The Importance of Timing Chapter 14 Putting it All Together Chapter 15 Choose Your Battles Bonus Chapter 16 Dog Geometry Bonus Chapter 17 Miscellaneous Tips Tricks...

Title : The Canine Strategies Workbook: For People Who Love Their High-Energy, Fearful, Willful and/or Reactive Dogs
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The Canine Strategies Workbook: For People Who Love Their High-Energy, Fearful, Willful and/or Reactive Dogs Reviews

  • Kimmie
    2019-02-17 01:50

    I love how it was a great page turner. The concepts were clear, with useful analogies and diagrams to make it easy to ingest all the information. The chapters were concise and presented techniques in a fun way of exercises to try with your dog. I used to have a reactive dog that did not really like other dogs. I took her to classes and she improved her whole life. This book would have been very useful to try more techniques. I now have a dog that is the opposite where she is sometimes timid and anxious. This book was so perfect to provide more insight into understanding her and communicating with her. I have only had her for a short time and still building the trust before I take her to class. This was such a great read for trying to work on improving her and figuring out more of what makes her tick. Thank you for such delightful informative book!

  • CAW7782
    2019-02-18 21:55

    Very clear yet insightful strategies. I love how it explains the reason why behind the suggestion. I think where this book is different from others is gow it incorporates strategies from different schools of thought, depending on your dog and your own personal preferences. Some dogs respond to to a little coaxing and others need stronger messages but multiple options are offered for each problem scenario. I also appreciated that it doesn't just tell you what you "should do" like other books (but when your dog doesn't catch right away you feel lost)- it will also have suggestions for likely issues you may face because your dog might be confused at first, or just stubborn and resisting change, and helps guide you to success! Great read!

  • Ann Rowland
    2019-02-08 20:15

    At last a balanced easily understood explanation of how to read a dog and what to do to rectify the bad behaviour. Excellent reading and very clear explanations and real life useable methods, Thank you

  • Kristin Thompson
    2019-01-31 03:16

    Eric Michael Cohen and his Canine Strategies workbook have worked wonders for my reactive dog Baxter. If you and your dog are struggling, this book is the answer! Highly recommend!!

  • AG
    2019-02-14 23:13

    This book really helped me understand my dog (who is the best dog in the world, and whom I always want to understand better). It's a very useful and interesting workbook!

  • Kyle
    2019-01-28 21:52

    A excellent resource for every dog owner!!!