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This fascinating book is a gold mine for aviation trivia junkies Airforce Graphic War is a superb collection of top secret drawings, including training manuals and colorful wartime posters, from World War II They were brilliantly created from a few downed aircraft, but mainly from pilots views of the enemy in the air, during missions Almost all of the material was originally listed as restricted official use only and previously unpublished in any form The cutaway drawings of the aircraft and airborne weaponry were critical to the war efforts of Allied and Axis forces alike As there was little intelligence available to pilots about the design, power and armament on opposing aircraft, these graphic transcriptions were essential Many of the graphic artists and technical illustrators employed by the Allies, and most employed by the Axis powers, remain anonymous Their work survives on these pages, however, to provide rare and unique insight into war room strategy and the air and ground crew trainee classroom Aviation enthusiasts, modelers, illustrators, artists and anyone with an interest in World War II history will find Graphic War a compelling inside look at the war fought in the sky....

Title : Graphic War: The Secret Aviation Drawings and Illustrations of World War II
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ISBN : 155407892X
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Boston Mills Press July 21, 2011
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Graphic War: The Secret Aviation Drawings and Illustrations of World War II Reviews

  • D. R. Pitts
    2019-02-16 23:52

    This is a beautiful book that takes us back to the time before the internet DVDs and laptops, and answer the question how do you educate the "user" of the increasing complicated machines of war that were being developed during WWII. This book is of Interest to the graphic artist and the WWII buff. You forget that no matter how awfully bad some of the machines were, and what death traps. They still needed a user manual. It is sobering to see the instructions for the Hampden bomber crews on how to bail out, (a feat that not many achieved) and you wonder how many owed their like to this graphic. The collection is exclusively Aviation, which raises the question of the other two Forces and their contribution (may be there will be a couple of sequels). I would have liked more translation of the foreign language graphics - but overall I have no complaints this was a great book.

  • KenHistorian
    2019-01-21 20:00

    All other reviews correctly mention the great drawings and very informative back story of the important graphic artist work during the war. I recommend the book, but with reservations. The physical dimensions of the book (and inking quality of the publishers, i.e. many too dark plates) makes it hard to clearly make out many of the details that needed to be seen in the original drawings. As an overview of what there was in the "Graphic Artist's" side of the war, it is very good. For details, not so. No fold-outs. No CD included with "zoomable images". The imagination can fill things in, but really "I think you're gonna need a bigger book" matey!

  • P. Schmidt
    2019-01-22 02:12

    This fine book is cover-to-cover artwork, and descriptive text, of aviation documents produced during World War II. The documents include public information, manufacturer publicity, military training manuals, and conceptual views. There are quite a few aircraft cut-away drawings, but most of the pictures are solid view renderings intended to show what things looked like and how they worked/were used. Any student of historic aviation will find this book an exciting read. All other aviation enthusiasts will love it for the pictures alone.

  • Hans Toorens
    2019-01-28 23:58

    It wasn't until I received this book that I realized how important "artwork" was in those days.

  • Stanley Starr
    2019-01-27 23:45

    Not only a tremendously entertaining (for the history and aircraft lover) but also provides excellent back story and context for the importance of art work especially for training. Whether training on operating complex equipment (e.g. gun turrets) or knowing the weak spots of the enemy aircraft, art work played a essential role in the air war of WWII. This book does an exemplary job of demonstrating this role and provides deeply satisfying aesthetics at the same time.

  • steven
    2019-02-04 23:45

    Good book, glad to have it in my collection...

  • Din3357
    2019-02-15 04:04

    A very ilustrative book about technical aviation drawings and posters of WWII. It's hard to imagine to do such things when all you have were simple drawing equipment and mangled pieces of reference but the end result is highly inspiring and informative. It was a sheer determination for the artist to provide an accurate reference materials that saved thousands aviators and crews' lives. I would recommend the book to those who like aviation arts and the technical drawings of it.

  • David B. Propert
    2019-02-09 19:53

    Any one interested in the WW II planes will find this useful as well as gaining some history of the process by which this was developed. Less info and illustrations by American illustrators than I would have liked. But worth the investment.