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If the Big Lebowski and Platoon were to co create, Each One a Hero A Novel of War and Brotherhood, would be the offspring of such an unlikely union.The central character, a reluctant draftee, battles the communists as well as military authority during his tour of duty in Vietnam, A crazy time, when turmoil and social change had taken over America and moral values changed dramatically from day to day Once youve read this autobiographical novel, youll never look at military service the same way again....

Title : Each One A Hero: A Novel of War and Brotherhood
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ISBN : 1555718396
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Hellgate Press September 9, 2016
Number of Pages : 316 pages
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Each One A Hero: A Novel of War and Brotherhood Reviews

  • penman
    2019-02-26 06:41

    Each One A Hero is a vivid and gripping account of the author's experiences of the Vietnam War at the "grunt" level -- that of a private who finds himself ensnared by the draft and sent to Southeast Asia very much against his will. Michael March's semi-fictionalized character, Daniel, who is really a stand-in for himself, possesses above-average math skills, which make him a very efficient artillery spotter -- to the point where he's actually recommended for promotion to sergeant. But Daniel's main focus is to simply get through his year in Nam in one piece by retreating into the base's pot-smoking sub-culture and avoiding combat situations as much as possible. He's not entirely successful at that -- in this war, the front line is everywhere -- and he finds himself involved in several harrowing Viet Cong ambushes.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-06 05:12

    I very much enjoyed the book, following the experiences of one young mans tour of duty in a country that most Americans at the time knew very little about. The author develops close friendships, a bond between characters from the very start of the book. I believe the author truly captures that spirit of friendship.The other aspect I believe the author did well was illustrating with real clarity the accelerated pace of becoming of age that happens in combat situations. Some good times the boys had, it's not all blood and guts. Going on R&R and letting it all hang out, crazy stuff for sure... I couldn't stop reading it, it captures the imagination...

  • Scott M.
    2019-03-17 06:24

    When I was in high school, I remember my dad telling me stories about his shocking and poignant experiences while serving the United States Army in the Vietnam War. It was around then, he vowed to write a book about it. Heart, determination, courage… and now, I am holding a copy of Each One a Hero! What an amazing book, Dad. Reading about your time in the Vietnam jungle via the gripping third-person point of view of Daniel brings to life the stories I heard all those years ago in such a fresh, relevant fashion. This autobiographical novel helps me understand the trials of your life while also entertaining any reader with riveting action and slice-of-life humor.

  • Edward Henderson
    2019-02-27 23:28

    Burns and Novick’s PBS series Vietnam, reminded me I had forgotten the horrors, divisiveness, and absurdity of the Vietnam War. The military strategy was to use superior technology to kill them until we won. I had read Denis Johnson’s Tree of Smoke which won the 2007 National Book Award, and swore off Vietnam novels. Recently, however, I stumbled upon a surprising pleasure, a small gem, Each One a Hero: A Novel of War and Brotherhood, by Michael March.

  • Senwot
    2019-03-03 00:26

    The man was definitely there. Very well written and no way he could have made too those guys, described as they were, doing what they did and setting what they did the way they said it BECAUSE it works not have made sense. And it didn't make sense. That's why this is such a good read, especially if you were there. Welcome home, Brother Michael March.

  • Randall McPherson
    2019-02-27 00:31

    Just finished reading it. We have many books at the Colonel-General-Strategic view point. Now a view from the Soldier level and what goes on not just out in the bush, but in the tents, around the base camp and how Soldiers cope and dealt with a war that the country did not understand and grew not to accept. Well worth the read.

  • David Ramati
    2019-03-16 03:40

    This is another story about a more modern "Lost Generation" and is authentic right down to the hard and truthful conversations. This must be added to your collection of true Vietnam stories written by a vanishing breed.

  • Felix
    2019-03-13 05:19

    Definitely Worth Reading