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Build your own winery Learn how to set up a home winery and construct all the basic equipment for just a fraction of what commercially manufactured products would cost Leading you through the entire winemaking process, Steve Hughes includes building plans and step by step instructions for making than 30 essential winemaking tools From fashioning presses and pumps to the best way to fill and cork bottles, The Homebuilt Winery covers everything you need to know to affordably enjoy delicious, high quality homemade wine....

Title : The Homebuilt Winery: 43 Projects for Building and Using Winemaking Equipment
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ISBN : 9781603429900
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Storey Publishing, LLC 1St Edition edition July 3, 2012
Number of Pages : 208 pages
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The Homebuilt Winery: 43 Projects for Building and Using Winemaking Equipment Reviews

  • Older than some
    2019-02-04 15:06

    I am rating this as a 3 star in hopes that people will read this review before trying to make any of the projects. Storey, the publisher, does a very poor job of editing their books. I have contacted them more than once to ask who does their editing, but just get the normal BS answer about doing their best. Many of the projects in the book cannot be built using the dimensions given in the project write ups. For example there is a full scale drawing for drive gears for a grape crusher on page 26, if you use the pattern the outer diameter of the drive gears are approximately 2 1/8 inches in diameter, the drive shafts for the two rollers driven by these gears are 2 1/4 inches on center, the gears, if built by this illustration will never mesh to drive the two rollers. The hopper (fig 2.4) of the crusher shows 1 foot wide pieces for the hopper bottom, this will make the crusher wider than the destemmer it is suppose to fit into, plus will leave a gap of 3/4 inches on each end of the crusher rollers, dimensions for the bottom based on the rest of the write up should be 10 1/2 inches. These measurement errors continue through out the book. I sent a 2 page list of corrections for chapter 8 on the wine cellar to Storey and have not had the pleasure of their reply as of yet. I like the projects in the book and find them very functional. The utility of the projects are marred by the errors in the drawings and dimensions, will make you have to test fit every piece as you build to ensure proper construction. Since I am not being paid to be a proof reader, I doubt that I will send any more corrections to Storey. I have previously suggested some correction of perceived errors in the Storey book on building a wine cellar, thay said I would be contacted by the author, etc, etc, but that never has happened and it has been over a years since I sent in the suggestions.

  • Ken Lund
    2019-01-21 14:00

    If you are a woodworker, even a beginning woodworker, and a winemaker... this is a terrific book.

  • Mr. Milk
    2019-02-02 12:56

    I can't say I'm a woodworker but I decided I'd say "Screw it. I'm building my tools and bought the book. The instructions are pretty straight forward. I am working my way through the building the wine press. It calls for 1X2 and I can only find 2X2 slats . I had to adapt the project to accommodate the size. I'm sure someone could have ripped the wood down to 1X2 but I'm good with the new design of the bowl. That said I know if I follow the steps then I'll have great tools to continue making wine. Just building this press will have paid for the book because I will easily save $100. This is well worth the money.

  • Mlkcrawford
    2019-02-11 17:07

    Really has far less projects than one would want. The de-stemmer and crusher are good, but the parts to build the press cost more than just buying a press. And things like a bottle rack and lab stand, or a punch down tool are so simple as to be embarrassing if you couldn't figure it out for yourself. And "things laying around your house" include items like PET food grade plastic and a vacuum pump. All in all, I'd say if you have the carpentry skills to translate his plans into reality, you have the carpentry skills to build these items yourself. There are some good tips in here, but as far as solid, money saving plans? Save your money.

  • Ronda Ross
    2019-02-15 10:56

    This book is a wealth of knowledge. When I was looking at partnering with someone to open a winery this is one of the books I grabbed. It was the most detailed and beneficial book I read. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to open a winery and receive real honest information.

  • Tim
    2019-02-04 18:51

    Lots of good ideas for the advanced woodworker. I am not that person. Some ideas are great. Was hoping to build my own crusher destemmer, probably not. I will use the book for the other great projects.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-01-31 16:49

    Good ideas to inspire the creative mind some of this I will not make like the inert gas unit because it does not make sense to put a heavy gas into a bottle that's upside down. Some I will like the multi bottle fill station and wine racks.

  • Nikki Jhayyy
    2019-02-18 10:49

    My husband got this book. It shows you how to build an entire wine room! Super handy for anyone who makes their own wine, like we do, and want your own, homemade wine cellar and everything that goes with it.