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In this beautiful book, artist Zenaida Sengo has provided inspiration for designing and living with tillandsias Flora GrubbAir Plants, by Zenaida Sengo shows how simple and rewarding it is to grow, craft, and design with these modern beauties Decorating with air plants is made easy with stunning photographs that showcase ideas for using them mounted on walls, suspended from the ceiling, as living bows and jewelry, as screens, and in unique containers, like leather pouches, dishes, and baskets Six step by step projects include a wood mount, a wall hook, lasso and hook wiring, a ceramic frame garden, and three unique terrariums....

Title : Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias
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ISBN : 1604694890
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Timber Press September 30, 2014
Number of Pages : 224 pages
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Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias Reviews

  • E. Brzytwa
    2019-01-23 08:02

    I've grown air plants for years with differing results (some thrive, some die). Growing information for tillandsias has been difficult to find and is often overly vague and broad. This book provides great information on the different types of air plants and super useful guidelines for watering and fertilizing. On top of all that, the photos throughout the book are beautiful! This book gave me all sorts of new ideas for displaying my tillandsias.

  • E.L.M.
    2019-01-18 07:13

    I wanted to learn more about Tillandsias. This book provides a general guide to the growing and caring of these exotic plants. It addition, information regarding the prevention and treatment of diseases and pest most problematic to Tillandsias is provided. The book is full of pictures. Instructions and guides are accompanied by pictures exhibiting the information ensuring the information provided is clearly understood. It provides a brief guide to some of the many different varieties that exist. The ladder half of the book is filled with even more pictures, numerous ideas, designs and instructions on the many, many ways of mounting and displaying these beautiful, exotic treasures.

  • CoverDesignStudio
    2019-01-18 10:57

    After doing as much research as possible on the web (very little available by the way) I decided to order this book to get some more meaningful information. Unfortunately, the book offers the exact same information I was finding on the tillandsia websites, which just wasn't enough. I will have to learn through trial and error I suppose. I gave it three stars because it is full of beautiful pictures that grabbed by attention for a couple of hours.

  • Christine Shuck
    2019-01-19 09:13

    This book is fantastic and gave me all I needed to know (and more) about how to care for and display my various air plants. For the first time I'm confident I'm not going to kill the poor things dead due to over (or under) watering. I keep my air plants in my bathroom, water them once a week in the leftover bathwater (along with my orchid collection) and have fun arranging them in different shapes. One of the plants is doing so well that it will be blooming soon. I can't wait!

  • Roger Triplett
    2019-01-19 14:04

    I am new to the world of tillandsias and personally enjoyed the book. I am not one who like to read and I get bored really easy. This book has wonderful pictures throughout and informative. I now know what a tilli looks like, from the picture, when it's dry and needs water. I knew the leaves would curl but some just have a curl to them. Also knowing which environments the species originate from is helpful with watering. I thought they all liked a good soaking at least one a week but apparently not. I've learned a few important things from this book and recommend it.

  • Jonathan B.
    2019-02-06 06:53

    I've been keeping Tillandsias for about 3 years now and my collection has really grown - possibly faster than my knowledge of these plants has expanded. I almost blindly ordered this book to help bring my knowledge level up. As it turns out, this book does contain a great deal of information about Tillandsia, but even moreso, this book contains a wealth of information regarding methods and ideas for displaying these plants. Well, I needed that information too! The photographs are great (I feel qualified to say that as one of my undergraduate majors was photography), and the information in this book has inspired me to display my Tillandias in many different ways.

  • Yankee Shopper
    2019-02-06 06:01

    Very informative book, the best I've seen dealing with tillandsias. Aside from the clear and thorough cultivation information, the author provides an abundance of high-quality photos and suggestions of how to display these plants with no roots and pots. Clearly, the author has fun displaying her collection creatively, and changing the displays on a whim (which means she gets to play with and really enjoy her plants - the ultimate in plantsmanship!) - and she shares a bookful of uncomplicated, reproducible ideas with the reader. No matter where you fall on the plant-owning spectrum, you'll probably find something to enjoy in this book. If you don't own tillandsias when you open the book, you'll be eager to acquire some by the time you close it!

  • diana
    2019-02-16 13:58

    First the photography is beautiful, but kept clean and simple. The book is extremely informative on the subject of airplants....covering their variety, care and how to display them in your home or office. My favorite section was the decor information. She is very creative and generous with her ideas on how to showcase these funny little plants. Whether you are new to airplants or not, this book is a must have. It gathers everything you ever wanted to know about them!