Read Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity: The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to the Yuan Dynasty (907-1368) (Understanding China Through Comics) by Jing Liu Online


A great way to learn about China s vast history Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club Excels at clarifying the often confusing transitional periods between dynasties An excellent introduction to the large trends of early Chinese history School Library Journal The lucid, economical text makes one eager for the successive volumes Booklist The combination of silhouettesoften threatening, martial oneswith open faced, expressively individualized figures of many social classes adds dramatic tension while neatly balancing the big picture narrative There s a lot to absorbeven in this abbreviatedform, but the visual approach lightens the load considerably Kirkus Reviews Simple and effectiveThis direct, appealing introduction to the foundations of one of the world s oldest civilizations is recommended for teens and adults Library Journal An excellent history that clearly explains the great and ordinary people who have made China what it is and the conflicts and debates that have shaped Chinese history There is nothing else like it in English or Chinese Alan Baumler, Professor of History at Indiana University of Pennsylvania No burying yourself in text heavy history books to learn about China, this comic style book manages to be rich in information and bring Chinese history to readers in a clear, fun, and accessible way than it s ever been done before Easily integrated into a social studies or Chinese culture curriculum, I can t wait to get a copy for my class Grace Zeng, Chinese Teacher and Middle School Chinese Curriculum Area Leader at International School of Beijing It is certainly a fascinating look at Chinese history, and doing it in comics has certainly made it accessible to people, especially for the Western world Radio Australia Jing Liu has brought to life the long and complex early period of Chinese history in this wonderful graphic novel Foundations of Chinese Civilization is a delight to read humorous, informative, and truly captivating Alexandra Pearson, Founder of The Bookworm Literary Festival This book is The Magic School Bus for those starting to explore Chinese culture Dan Cao, Instructor at Confucius Institute at UC Davis Since the 1990s, Jing Liu has been entertaining and informing foreigners about China with his cartoons His new series of comic books is a fun, easy, accessible way to gain a basic understanding of Chinese history and culture Jeremy Goldkorn, Founder of Danwei 4.5 5 Stars A very nice way to establish a foundation to understanding China s history and a possible gateway to intense study and comprehension of a very complex subject Portland Book Review 4.5 5 Stars Entertaining, engaging, and informative, this is a perfect doorway for the student new to ancient China Seattle Book Review Informed and informative, Division to Unification in Imperial China is especially recommended for young readers ages 11 to 17 and should be a part of every school and community library s History of China collection The Midwest Book Review The book does what it says it does a child will come away with a basic understanding of early Chinese history, what makes the Chinese tick as a people and culture Asian Review of Books With Donald Trump s focus on China, with no signs of letting up, it is a perfect time to gain a better understanding of a very misunderstood country This is a highly accessible work tailored to fast learning while also very entertaining The Comics Grinder...

Title : Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity: The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to the Yuan Dynasty (907-1368) (Understanding China Through Comics)
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ISBN : 1611720346
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Stone Bridge Press April 25, 2017
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Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity: The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to the Yuan Dynasty (907-1368) (Understanding China Through Comics) Reviews

  • Stanley Ng
    2019-01-29 14:41

    Good comics illustration & a brief summary in understanding the dynasty cycles in China, the innovation of Song era of invention

  • Michael Demeritt
    2019-01-25 20:31

    I am going about this backwards, but not by choice. I was sent the 4th book in this series to review some time ago and now have been sent the third. I have to immediately say this - the experience of the fourth book was improved by reading the third - suggesting as a series this may be a decent way to encapsulate the vast Chinese history. No one should approach a book like this expecting to gain great detail of the subject matter, it is the Readers Digest approach to history if Reader's Digest wanted to do something shorter than usual. But, for what it is, it serves a good purpose. The art is acceptable, though not outstanding, and at time seems to be poorly related to the text, but usually the sketch style approach works very well with the prose and you get a tidbit of insight in a way that might actually allow you to remember it. For a "I want to know more about China's history but don't want to work to hard at it" person, these are right on target and worth the read.

  • Sotto voce
    2019-02-08 21:31

    I’ve tried on too many occasions to 'interest' the nose-in-the-smartphone grandkids to consider history. A comprehension of what worked, what didn’t and why is foundational to grasping every day critical thinking.

  • J + W
    2019-01-31 19:28

    I am part Chinese and we wanted to teach our children about their ethnic traditions and history. This series does a great job of making the very complicated history of China very understandable and is a great introduction. Jing Lui has done a good job of explaining the era and the different empires and leaders. The pages and illustration are black and white and the illustration is cookbook like. The book has a lot of text and isn't like a traditional graphic novel... more of an educational graphic novel... This is the third of a four-volume history with a quick thematic recap of early Chinese civilization and the arrival of the Liao dynasty in 907. He then carries readers through to the capture of the Yuan.

  • Karissa Eckert
    2019-01-19 14:35

    I got a copy of this book through the Amazon Vine program to review. I don’t have a ton to say about this book. It is a decent comic history of Japan for the time period listed in the title. The history was easy to follow and the graphic diagrams help you to understand what’s going on.

  • Nicola Mansfield
    2019-01-17 22:45

    I enjoy Chinese history and non-fiction graphic novels about people, places, and history. This book is written well and covers a *lot* of topics. This period of history in China is very intricate and it would take a very large tome to uncover all the details of the era covered here. Jing Lui has done a good job of explaining the situation at this time, the wars, the different empires and leaders moving on to the point where the Mongols had their largest empire. The book is black and white and has distinctly Chinese illustration: a bit comic-like with a dash of manga. The book has a lot of text and isn't like a traditional graphic novel but it is one, nevertheless. Pages form anywhere from one huge to three smaller frames. The text is mostly given in the narration with approx. one speech bubble per two-page spread. While the topic is complicated the book's design is not. The illustrations are clean and neat and enhance the text with graphic representations of facts in map or chart form.

  • Melissa
    2019-01-29 15:50

    What an excellent graphic book! Right from the start, this is an engaging book. There is enough white space between pictures that the novel does not seem overwhelmed with illustrations on each page. This is in black and white and quite readable. The information is fascinating. There are maps that illustrate how China was divided. This graphic novel covers, Confuscism, neo Confuscism, the Civil Service and the most interesting of all the Mongols.

  • I Do The Speed Limit
    2019-02-13 22:27

    It is easy to grasp the concepts in this graphic comic history book. Great way to learn, and there is nothing dull or boring about it. Even starting at book 3, I was able to pick up the learning style quickly.