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Though she lived only to twenty seven, Sarah Aaronsohn led a remarkable life The WomanWho Fought an Empiretells theimprobable but true odyssey of abold young womanthe daughter of Romanian born Jewish settlers in Palestinewho became thedaring leader of a Middle East spy ring Following the outbreak of World War I, Sarah learned that her brother Aaron had formedNili, an anti Turkish spyring, to aid the British in their war against the Ottomans Sarah, who had witnessed the atrocities of the Armenian genocide by the Turks, believed that only the defeat of the Ottoman Empire could save the Palestinian Jews from a similar fate Sarah joined Nili, eventually rising to become the organizations leader.Operating behind enemy lines, sheand her spies furnished vital information to British intelligence in Cairo about the Turkish military forces until she was caught and tortured bythe Turks inthe fall of 1917 To protect her secrets, Sarah got hold of a gun and shot herself.The WomanWho Fought an Empire, set at the birth of the modern Middle East, rebukes the Hollywood stereotype of women spies as femme fatales and is both an espionage thriller and a Joan of Arc tale....

Title : The Woman Who Fought an Empire: Sarah Aaronsohn and Her Nili Spy Ring
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The Woman Who Fought an Empire: Sarah Aaronsohn and Her Nili Spy Ring Reviews

  • annettej
    2019-02-16 09:49

    A fascinating and little known story about a truly impressive young woman, who, along with her brother and several friends ran a spy ring for the British in the middle east, during the first world war. Shocked and appalled by the atrocities she witnessed which were carried out by the Turks, Sarah Aaronsohn and her brother stood up to several members of their Jewish community in Palestine and risked torture and death to provide information to the British. The book is meticulously researched and annotated and the story it tells is a fascinating one, but I do wish we were able to learn a little more about the personality of Sarah, as from what we do learn she iswas clearly an extremely tough , brave and smart woman, though not with out weaknesses. I found the book informative and learned about an aspect of history I knew little or nothing about.

  • Kelli L Preston
    2019-01-24 13:48

    When women today are looking for a strong role model for feminism, independence, bravery, and everything in between they should stop looking to celebrities and read this book and more about women like this. I had never heard of Sarah nor the Nili spy ring so this was an eye opener for me. Well researched, well written. Reads almost like a novel, loved reading about Lawrence of Arabia in there too. What an amazing and heartbreaking story.

  • Mohammad Ali
    2019-01-18 12:15

    Wallance provides a riveting and well researched account of the role played by Sarah Aaronsohn and her Nili spy ring in the British victory over the Ottoman Empire. Besides learning about a courageous young Palestinian Jew's struggle on behalf of her people, readers will gain insights into some of the key historical personalities and sociopolitical forces which helped shape the modern Middle East.