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Alan Moorehead was a peerless war correspondent who covered the entire war in North Africa from 1940 1943 The trilogy of books he wrote on the prolonged battles between Montgomerys Eighth Army and Rommels Afrika Corps immediately drew universal acclaim, and remains and epic account as extraordinary now as it was then This reissue of Alan Mooreheads classic trilogy on the North Africa campaign 1940 1943 will coinide with the 75th anniversary of the Battles for El Alamein in July and October 1942....

Title : The Desert War: The classic trilogy on the North African campaign 1940-1943
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ISBN : 1781316732
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Publisher : Aurum Press March 8, 2017
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The Desert War: The classic trilogy on the North African campaign 1940-1943 Reviews

  • Jason S. Taylor
    2019-01-30 08:08

    The North African campaign was a legend in it's own time and is still romanticized. People picture it as somehow "different" from the Eastern Front or New Guinea or Burma. It had dashing maneuver, worthy opponents and colorful characters and a colorful locale. There were few war crimes and little collateral damage. And the hardship somehow seems "cleaner". Dust storms and sun rather then mud or malaria, or trench foot. Manly hardships such as Imperialistic adventurers had been facing for generations and above all the feel that if one was assigned here one could feel like a man and not like a machine. And for British the feel that one could collectively prove that one was a part of the war, rather then endlessly training while others suffered. Obviously there was more to it then that. It may have been a less unpleasant war to fight because of the environment, and the comparative decency of the leaders. It was still a war.

  • R. J. DeGray
    2019-02-15 09:12

    I’m doing research for my next novel, which may be partially set in North Africa in 1941/42. Alan Moorehead’s ‘classic trilogy’ gives a great balance of overall historical summary and gripping first person detail for this comparatively obscure but important World War 2 campaign.

  • Max Foster
    2019-02-12 07:54

    A great book on the Desert War but Moorehead also takes some fascinating excursions to India and the United States at the same time. It was particularly interesting how the Allies were offering independence to India after the war in exchange for continued support against the Japanese.

  • Larry D McGinley
    2019-02-15 06:46

    This is not by any measure a definitive or even very accurate history of the desert campaign. However, because it is mostly a first hand account of a war correspondent who was on the scene it is a very good reference for what it was like for those how were there and an enjoyable read. As long as it is taken for what it is I can recommend it. Those seeking a detailed military description of the campaign should look elsewhere.

    2019-01-27 09:51

    The best overview of the war in North & East Africa that I have come across. It was of particular interest to me as my father along with many other South Africans was involved in the East Africa campaign and the desert war. He was taken prisoner after the battle of Sidi Rezegh and spent the rest of the war in Italian and then German POW camps. Towards the end of the War he was in the great march of prisoners moving from the camps in the East ahead of the Russian advance. These incredibly harsh marches covered in the book "The Last Escape"

  • Wanderer
    2019-01-25 10:48

    Thought I knew quite a lot about this phase of the War but I learned an enormous amount. The personal side of the story made it all very palatable and the huge range of Moorehead's travels made me green with envy. Truly gifted writing is the icing on the cake.