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Uruk the First City is the first fully historical analysis of the origins of the city and of the state in southern Mesopotamia,the region providing the earliest evidence in world history related to these seminal developments Contrasting his approach which has been influenced by V Gordan Childe and by Marxist theorywith the neo evolutionist ideas of especially American anthropological theory, the author argues that the innovations that took place during the Uruk period most of the fourth millennium B.C were a true revolution that fundamentally changed all aspects of society and culture This book is unique in its historical approach and its combination of archaeological and textual sources It develops an argument that weaves together a vast amount of information and places it within a context of contemporary scholarly debates on such questions as the ancient economy and world systems.It explains the roots of these debates briefly without talking down to the reader The book is accessible to a wider audience, while it also provides a cogent argument about the processes involved to the specialist in the field....

Title : Uruk: The First City (BibleWorld)
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Publisher : Equinox Publishing January 15, 2006
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Uruk: The First City (BibleWorld) Reviews

  • Stan Barwin
    2019-03-04 04:15

    As someone with a strong interest in the history of Uruk this book was somewhat of a disappointment. It does not go into any detail about the city's traditions, rituals, architecture, religion. Instead it spends 80% of it's pages into arguing with previously published papers on the reasons behind the agricultural and urban revolutions, it even spends pages arguing with the terminology. Unfortunately, it reads like a college paper that a student continuously expands to meet the minimum word count. It still provides some interesting insight into the religious organization, but it's lost among endless arguments against other historians. I suggest looking elsewhere if you want a holistic introduction into the history of Uruk. Honestly, you can learn more from just the internet. As a supplement to better works, this book works just fine though.

  • noble
    2019-03-22 03:21

    the oldest city in the world leaves a lot to the immagination. this treatise is a little deep for me but for the scientist who sstudy every nook and cranny of available thought on the is good reading.