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Tantrism and Mysticism of Ancient Egypt The Neterian Guide To Love, Sexuality, Marriage, Relationships and the Secrets of Sexual Energy Cultivation, Sublimation, and Spiritual Enlightenment This Volume will expand on the male and female principles within the human body and in the universe and further detail the sublimation of sexual energy into spiritual energy The student will study the deities Min and Hathor, Asar and Aset, Geb and Nut and discover the mystical implications for a practical spiritual discipline This Volume will also focus on the Tantric aspects of Ancient Egyptian and Indian mysticism, the purpose of sex and the mystical teachings of sexual sublimation which lead to self knowledge and Enlightenment....

Title : Sacred Sexuality-Ancient Egyptian Tantric Yoga
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ISBN : 1884564038
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Sema Institute 3rd ed edition September 1, 1997
Number of Pages : 232 pages
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Sacred Sexuality-Ancient Egyptian Tantric Yoga Reviews

  • Greg
    2019-01-18 15:33

    This book really broke down the purpose of sexuality. The author clearly articulated the purpose of tantric yoga ; and yoga as a whole. I learned a lot about how the sexual energy should be used , and it's divine purpose.

  • Alfonso
    2019-01-22 19:31

    This is definitely an eye opening study of our ancient energy paths towards Ma'at. Dr. Ashby's explanations are clear and coherent to the average reader, and brings points home time and time again. Subjects like these make it hard for the basic writer to explain complex ideologies without boring the listener to death-but this author avoided this completely. I am thankful he did. I highly recommend this book for the beginner and the advanced Kemetic scholar.

  • Unique Findings
    2019-01-31 18:44

    Still reading...

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-06 16:25

    very very happy! a worthy addition to my library

  • yuri vielot
    2019-01-19 22:22


  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-03 16:45

    Very informative; I would recommend this book to anyone seeking truth and enlightenment. It's an easy read, and packed with egytian mythology.

  • Tarrell
    2019-01-24 21:32

    A true sexualy connection

  • Anya22
    2019-01-22 17:42

    Great information.