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Known only in restricted circles and closely guarded from unworthy hands, this is one of the most secret books of Kabbalah It carefully describes the upper worlds in a very ethereal and symbolical language It uses practical methods and pronunciations of the Divine Names that were employed by the High Priest in the Temple It describes the names of Angels and Demons, and also explains how to summon them This text is written for advanced readers who are at the conclusion of their kabbalistic formation....

Title : Brit Menucha - Covenant of Rest (English and Hebrew Edition)
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ISBN : 1897352018
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English, Hebrew
Publisher : Providence University March 1, 2007
Number of Pages : 324 pages
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Brit Menucha - Covenant of Rest (English and Hebrew Edition) Reviews

  • Amazon Shopper
    2019-02-14 11:27

    A much misunderstood book, and no wonder. It is absolutely obscure and for a beginner, probably meaningless. There are those who will assert that the contents are evil. I would disagree, but will say that this is a book that can only ever appeal to a few. It has been kept secret for a long time, but even when presented in this way it will remain secret, because there are so few who can decipher it's mysteries. Most readers will get absolutely nothing out of reading this at all. For those who know that they are looking for, it contains many powerful secrets. This is a translation, but some knowledge of Hebrew is required to get the most out of it.

  • TilleroftheSoil
    2019-01-31 11:35

    “I observed the work Berit Menuḥa, a delightful work containing an exposition of the Name. It is certain that the contents of this book have been handed down ‘mouth to mouth’ or else they were imparted by an angel, since these are not subjects to be grasped as a result of profound speculation but by the aid of the Holy Spirit” (Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Pardes Rimmonim, Sha’ar ha-Nequdot, 1).

  • Pawn Servant
    2019-02-14 11:41

    As an ancient initiated Qabbalist, this book should be banned. This book contains many errors and whoever wrote it was not a true initiated qabbalist. Also any book that list forbbiden or prohibited rituals to invoke demons can most definitly not be a kosher holy text. And this is exactly what this book does. I think its very possible that a black jewish magician might have written this book, either that or someone who was very ignorant and uninitiated who just speculated lots of false theoretical content. Either way, very bad and blasphemous.