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In this ground breaking study, Rachel Elior offers a comprehensive theory of the crystallization of the early stages of the mystical tradition in Judaism based on the numerous ancient scrolls and manuscripts published in the last few decades Her wide ranging research, scrupulously documented, enables her to demonstrate an uninterrupted line linking the priestly traditions of the Temple, the mystical liturgical literature found in the Qumran caves and associated directly and indirectly with the Merkavah tradition of around the second and first centuries BCE, and the mystical works of the second to fifth centuries CE known as Heikhalot literature The key factor linking all these texts, according to Professor Elior s theory, is that many of those who wrote them were members of the priestly classes Prevented from being able to perform the rituals of sacred service in the Temple as ordained in the biblical tradition, they channelled their religious impetus in other directions to create a new spiritual focus The mystical tradition they developed centred first on a heavenly Chariot Throne known as the Merkavah, and later on heavenly sanctuaries known as Heikhalot In this way the priestly class developed an alternative focus for spirituality, based on a supertemporal liturgical and ritual relationship with ministering angels in the supernal sanctuaries This came to embrace an entire mystical world devoted to sustaining religious liturgical tradition and ritual memory in the absence of the Temple This lyrical investigation of the origins and workings of this supernal world is sure to become a standard work in the study of early Jewish mysticism....

Title : The Three Temples: On the Emergence of Jewish Mysticism (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)
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The Three Temples: On the Emergence of Jewish Mysticism (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization) Reviews

  • michael g
    2019-01-30 19:20

    best book i've read on the dss, zadokite priesthood, solar/lunar calendar and qumran research by an israeli professor who is an expert in her field. rachel elior's speeches at universities and other venues can be seen on youtube if you are hesitant about her credentials. just amazing to hear her take you down the rabbithole. the book is a well documented read but you have to take it slow; it's sod level material!

  • Richard J. Grebenc
    2019-02-17 19:35

    With this book, Rachel Elior has contributed a great deal to the literature of Jewish mysticism. By taking a fresh look at this area in light of the discovery of, and subsequent work on, the Dead Sea Scrolls, she has done much to round out the picture of the development of Jewish mysticism from the time of Solomon all the way to the time of the Mishnah, and even to the present day.

  • a reader
    2019-02-13 18:15

    Worthy of study, particularly if you're interested in 'the teachings of men', as opposed to an historically obscure and marginalized thesis which teaches about God and the history of Judaism over the past 2500 years.

  • Johann Loots
    2019-01-19 16:15

    Excellent in contents, just difficult to digest. Radical. Life changing information. You need to be a Biblical truth seeker knowledgeable in the Tanakh. ALso advantageous to read the books of Enoch and Jubilees before hand. What she writes is the Truth.

  • pamela matos
    2019-01-20 19:21

    This is a must for those who want to know the TRUTH concerning the way the Temple worship was conducted and the connection with Heaven and earth that has been lost! Rachael Elior is very thorough in her research and love for the Truth!

  • Dr. David Shluker
    2019-02-08 19:30


  • S. E. Moore
    2019-01-25 22:34

    As as an armchair student of Christianity, this book has given me tremendous insights into ancient rituals which on the surface seem like nonsense if one doesn't understand what they represent. Margaret Barker, a Christian scholar, has done an outstanding job in correlating Jewish Temple rituals with early church liturgies. Rachel Elior, a Jewish scholar, goes into detail about the significance of the solar calendar, the cycle of worship and numerical patterns of the older Temple.

  • Joe
    2019-02-05 22:22

    Excellent book but be prepared for a hard read at times (at least for me). VERY smart person.