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There has rarely been a British success story like the Land Rover Developed in a short time and on a small budget, it was launched in 1948 and having passed though many revisions is still a world leader today The Series detailed in Land Rover takes the reader from the beginning to 1985, and the many surviving examples, supported by a comprehensive parts and restoration industry, are seeing a solid increase in values Here James Taylor, the premier historian of the marque, provides a detailed study of the Land Rover s evolution through the period and the variants and special purpose versions that were produced Uniquely, it is the manufacturer s own sales brochures and advertising that supply the illustrations, which number some 400 images and serve not only to correctly depict the vehicles but also to re create the atmosphere of the times when they were made....

Title : Land-Rover: Series I, II, IIA & III
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ISBN : 1906133514
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Herridge Sons Ltd January 1, 2014
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Land-Rover: Series I, II, IIA & III Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-01-31 09:40

    Awesome book for Land Rover fans

  • Marty Ray
    2019-02-07 13:31

    This is a really nice book, which is mainly specific to the Series 3 trucks. It has a lot of cool pictures and information. It is helpful for restoration and historical purposes. This is of course a very specific topic type of book which is mainly of interest to people who either have Series Land Rovers or want one. This book could help you in buying one, to help you to see what is original-- especially since so many of these are so highly modified it can really be hard to find original ones, or even know what features are original. I think it's worth pointing out that there is no one book to have on any classic vehicle. You really want to have a library of related books, factory shop manuals and parts books, aftermarket shop manuals, as well as a selection of books like this. If you are into classic vehicles you generally will want to be into collecting books about them, since you really cannot have too much information. So this book is a welcome addition to my collection of books on the Series vehicles. I have a Series 3 truck so this one is more specific to that, but I also have a number of books on the earlier Series 2a, 2, 1, etc. Land Rovers because these are all helpful. I used to have a Series 2 but I sold it, but wisely I kept all the books from back then and they have proved valuable. So this book may also have value to owners of earlier vehicles than the Series 3 specifically. In addition, there is another angle-- I own a number of books on vehicles that I would LIKE to own, but either they are too rare or too expensive or I just think I won't be able to own them-- but it's cool to have the books on them as a way of at least getting into it that much. For example I have books on the Lotus Elite, and on Citroen cars; but I own none of these. So someone who just is interested in the Land Rovers may like this book too. Maybe some people can satisfy their interest without going so far as to actually buy a vehicle, what with all the related difficulties of doing so, where to keep it, how to maintain it, restoration......

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-01-31 07:45

    Excellent book

  • harold rogers
    2019-01-23 12:27

    excellent products

  • Michael GreenWest Coast British
    2019-02-14 09:21

    THere's not much too it, and it's something I'd had my son the look at. I collected it because it's Land Rover's and James wrote. Wait for my new book on Land Rover's... we'll finally get the true story right; That the V8 Land Rover was brainchild of Bruce McWillams in the USA, that the end of Rover's in America wasn't the fault of the USA, but mis-managment in UK!

  • Francisco
    2019-01-29 08:35

    This was a gift for a friend who bought himself this car to restore. He loved the book and tells me it is a great guide even for the mechanical restoration.

  • Michael GreenWest Coast British
    2019-02-02 13:26

    Wow, the first to review James Taylor's new book.... Be my pleasure. This new book brought back fond memories for me, memories of my childhood in Land Rover's. You see it was 1960 when my father joined the Rover Motor Company of North America Limited as Service Manager, based in South San Francisco. I was two at the time, having grown up in Aston Martin's, Land Rover's were something new to me (but not dad, for he use to drive David Browns then new '53 80" at Astons in Feltham), then my Rover adventure began, and it has stopped yet. As a young boy dad would bring home sales booklets ... Like those of the Series II and IIA in this book, I would cut hem up and tape me on my walls! One night we had two special guests to dinner at our home in Hayward, CA, none otehr than the Wilks Brothers, Spencer and Maurice. I showed them my Room and all the Land Rovers! They must have though me mad! Growing up at my house had me going with my dad or family to see Rover dealers in the western states and even Canada, some became life long friends. Dad was on the road often in those days, seeing dealers, owners, expanding markets or testing cars and Land Rovers. Soon under Bruce McWilliams dad would be promoted to Product Development Engineer for North America, it would take him to places lie, Death Valley in July or the Arctic in dead of winter, be it Rover cars or Land Rovers.... It was McWilliams who came up with the idea of the new V8 being put into a Land Rover, but it was left to my father to fit said engine and make it work after the factory said it wouldn't fit! Thus in Sept '66 the "Golden Rod" was born! for the story on this prototype Land Rocer. It was via this story that I met James Taylor many years ago. In 1981 I opened West Coast British, a Land Rover specialty shop that I still run today. I no longer work in the new LR4s or Range Rovers, they don't interest me... I work on real Land Rovers! If you're the LR nut I was/am, this book is well worth buying. As I write I thnk back of being a little boy, my dear ol dad who's now been gone six years this week, sitting next to me in the garage are my 1966 109" NADA Station Wagon, this same ca was dads company car when new and for some years, my family bought it, Mum drove it to work, hauled Boy Scouts , and I first drove it at age 9. I found it and restored it in 2002' and next to it is my 1995 Defender 90 with a hot 4.7 Litre Rover V8' and that only two of them....