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Paul Foster Case was an American occultist of the early 20th century and author of numerous books on occult tarot and Qabalah Perhaps his greatest contributions to the field of occultism were the lessons he wrote for associate members of Builders of the Adytum The Knowledge Lectures given to initiated members of the Chapters of the B.O.T.A were equally profound, although the limited distribution has made them less well known Case was early on attracted to the occult While still a child he reported experiences that today are called lucid dreaming He corresponded about these experiences with Rudyard Kipling who encouraged him as to the validity of his paranormal pursuits In the year 1900, Case met the occultist Claude Bragdon while both were performing at a charity performance Bragdon asked Case what he thought the origin of playing cards was After pursuing the question in his father s library, Case discovered a link to tarot, called The Game of Man, thus began what would become Case s lifelong study of the tarot, and leading to the creation of the B.O.T.A tarot deck, a corrected version of the Rider Waite cards Between 1905 and 1908 aged 20 24 , Case began practicing yoga, and in particular pranayama, from what published sources were available His early experiences appear to have caused him some mental and emotional difficulties and left him with a lifelong concern that so called occult practice be done with proper guidance and training....

Title : An Introduction to the Study of the Tarot
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An Introduction to the Study of the Tarot Reviews

  • Quiet Traveller
    2019-02-01 08:28

    This appears to be an early book by Paul Foster Case, written before he actually developed his own, well-known B.O.T.A. curriculum and Tarot deck. As such, it is more a precursor to his mature vision, and addresses the Golden Dawn system more than his own.

  • Metatron
    2019-02-17 10:48

    This is a fascinating drive forward into the Hermetic sciences behind the Tarot Major Arcana. A sharp and brief intro to Tarot and Qabalah and Gematria. Also Astrology and its profluences behind the Holy Qabalah. This little book is an ideal supplement for any student of numerology and Astrology. It was originally published as a series of articles way back when.

  • S from Santa Barbara
    2019-02-02 09:37


  • Linda
    2019-02-22 09:25

    Favorite Tarot author! Delivered right on time.

  • Alec Smith
    2019-01-29 05:51

    How anyone can put a book up for sale with the formatting as messed up as this is beyond me. I hope I can dissuade anyone from making the same $5.99 mistake I made - I've seen some bad formatting but this is so awful it's unreadable.