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The Sony Alpha NEX 7 The Unofficial Quintessential Guide provides a wealth of experience based information and insights for owners of this exciting new camera Authors Carol F Roullard and Brian Matsumoto team up to help the new user navigate past the confusion factor that often comes with complex and powerful camera equipment.This book explores the features and capabilities of the camera in a way that far surpasses the user s manual It guides you through the camera features with step by step setting adjustments and detailed how, when, and why explanations for each option Every button, dial, switch, and menu configuration setting is explored in a friendly manner, with suggestions and tips for setup according to various shooting styles The informative text is illustrated with screenshots and example images throughout, making it easy to follow along.The authors cover everything from the basic features of the camera to numerous advanced photographic applications The first section of the book teaches the new user to start taking pictures immediately by using the camera s Intelligent Automatic mode The second section covers how to begin taking control by switching to the semi automatic modes Finally, you ll learn to take full manual control of the camera, allowing you to break some rules and capture images that are a unique reflection of your creative personality.Carol and Brian go beyond just the camera itself and share how third party software and optional accessories can improve on the camera s standard commands You ll even learn how the electronic viewfinder, the fixed mirror, and Sony s novel shutter design improve the camera s utility for critical scientific photography i.e., photomicrography and photography through the telescope.The Sony Alpha NEX 7 The Unofficial Quintessential Guide will allow you to really take control of your camera, to push the envelope, and to have fun....

Title : The Sony Alpha NEX-7: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide
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ISBN : 1937538117
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Rocky Nook 1 edition December 1, 2012
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The Sony Alpha NEX-7: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide Reviews

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-02-26 06:14

    I had a Sony NEX 3N for several years. Unfortunately, I never knew much more than how to put it on auto and take pictures. When it broke I decided to step up to a NEX 7 but promised myself to learn more about the camera this time. On my Kindle I found 5 or so books on the Nex 7 and downloaded a sample of each. This book seemed to have a better format than the others and when it arrived I started at page one. I found it was arranged in a way that if you just want to shoot in automatic mode the first few chapters would get you up and going quickly. Then, as your experience level or interest increase, so does the subject matter. I'm only about 1/2 the way through but have been able to move around to different discussions using the index. Looking ahead the progression will lead you into the manual mode--something I hope to use one-day soon.

  • Jane B
    2019-02-25 04:24

    I am finding this an easy to follow and understand map for my NEX 7, It's written in plain language and explains some of the intricacies of both camera and shooting that as a keen but relatively newish learning photographer i would probably have to have gone searching elsewhere for. I am finding that it's a very good companion for the NEX 7 handbook. It not only explains settings and setting up the camera, but gives advice regarding such things as customising the camera, and when to use various settings.

  • Marx Lives
    2019-03-09 03:10

    This is a very good book---well written and covers a wide spectrum.

  • Mr. Fixit
    2019-02-23 22:11

    The Sony NEX-7 camera is complex even for someone like myself who has been using digital cameras since they first appeared on the scene. There are many options for setting it up and some of the six different menus are difficult to fathom. Therefore a guide is valuable for learning and for reference when you have any shooting situation that may require adjustments that simply are not very intuitive. To this end, I initially purchased David Busch's Sony NEX-7 manual which is well written (he has written many other camera manuals and they follow very similar formats) but is quite a tome to carry with you. The The Sony Alpha NEX-7: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide by Roullard and Matsumoto attracted me because it was a bargain at about $10.09 as a Kindle book that I could carry with me on my iPad. This in comparison to the Busch book at about $20.99 for the Kindle version. At the same time, I thought I would get two (or three) different approaches to the NEX-7. Unfortunately, the Sony Alpha NEX-7: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide by Roullard and Matsumoto has some serious drawbacks as a Kindle edition. First the formatting is awkward at best. The chapter breaks are odd, often occurring in the middle of pages and the charts are so badly broken in formatting that they are generally unusable. Keep in mind that this is the Kindle edition—I have not seen the paper book. The pictures used for illustrations are fewer in number and less descriptive than those in the Busch book. In sum, it is not a useful tool to take into the field. Worse, as a manual to simply read and learn from, the organization is almost incomprehensible. Two people wrote it and that is the feeling one has in trying to learn from it. I should have spent the other $11.00!

  • Mario R. Carvajalino
    2019-03-19 23:09

    a difference between this book and the traditional books, is that it does not stop in describing the functions available in the camera, but it goes beyod with tips and suggestions on using them for good photography. The small NEX 7 is a jewel when you stop and think how you want your picture made and learn to know the three control wheels. If you are in a hurry it works very well in auto or intelligent auto. Great camera and very good book.

  • Bruno J. Gallianp
    2019-02-25 05:18

    If you are new to the Sony Nex cameras you will find the menu system very complex. This book was helpful in getting me to where I wanted to go with lots of shortcuts. Because of the complexity of the menu sytem I returned the camera to Amazon, however this book is very helpful in getting where you want to go in the shortest way if you have and want this camera.

  • Scientist007
    2019-03-24 05:08

    I really love this book. I love the way how it is organized and how its starts with a beginner level until it reaches a more professional level.

  • B. Vandrovec
    2019-03-04 00:25

    As you might expect, the book is essentially a supplemental manual that walks the reader through a comprehensive listing of camera features and options. Additionally, each section contains tips and advice from the authors' own experience using the NEX-7. While a bit dry at times, the writing style is clear and informative, and I certainly picked up some new useful information to help me get the most out of the camera. Note, however, that this a not a book intended to teach you about photography as an art form.