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Fatal Flight brings vividly to life the year of operation of R.101, the last great British airship a luxury liner three and a half times the length of a 747 jet, with a spacious lounge, a dining room that seated fifty, glass walled promenade decks, and a smoking room The British expected R.101 to spearhead a fleet of imperial airships that would dominate the skies as British naval ships, a century earlier, had ruled the seas The dream ended when, on its demonstration flight to India, R.101 crashed in France, tragically killing nearly all aboard Combining meticulous research with superb storytelling, Fatal Flight guides us from the moment the great airship emerged from its giant shed nearly the largest building in the British Empire to soar on its first flight, to its last fateful voyage The full story behind R.101 shows that, although it was a failure, it was nevertheless a supremely imaginative human creation The technical achievement of creating R.101 reveals the beauty, majesty, and, of course, the sorrow of the human experience The narrative follows First Officer Noel Atherstone and his crew from the ship s first test flight in 1929 to its fiery crash on October 5, 1930 It reveals in graphic detail the heroic actions of Atherstone as he battled tremendous obstacles He fought political pressures to hurry the ship into the air, fended off Britain s most feted airship pilot, who used his influence to take command of the ship and nearly crashed it, and, a scant two months before departing for India, guided the rebuilding of the ship to correct its faulty design After this tragic accident, Britain abandoned airships, but R.101 flew again, its scrap melted down and sold to the Zeppelin Company, who used it to create LZ 129, an airship even mighty than R.101 and better known as the Hindenburg Set against the backdrop of the British Empire at the height of its power in the early twentieth century, Fatal Flight portrays an extraordinary age in technology, fueled by humankind s obsession with flight....

Title : Fatal Flight: The True Story of the Britain's Last Great Airship
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Fatal Flight: The True Story of the Britain's Last Great Airship Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-17 02:15

    I dislike giving bad reviews, but in this instance I have no choice. Being familiar with the story of the R101, and having some background in airships both privately and professionally, I found myself unable to continue reading the book after about 40 pages due to the astonishingly large number of factual errors I encountered up to that point. Here are just a few examples:

  • BWK
    2019-01-18 21:57

    This book had some amazing facts and it held my interest all the way through. No spoilers here, so if you read the book, keep reading after the crash until you find out what happened to the steel from the frame of the R.101.

  • Daniel P. Smith
    2019-01-21 19:18

    Absolutely first rate. If you think you might be interested, get it.

  • Christopher Lettig
    2019-02-02 23:13

    Read by the Engineer Guy himself, he goes into the Fatal Flight of the R.101 luxury liner airship. I strongly recommend this for anyone who wants to know about the history of this great and imfamous flight. Tuck in, you're in for a treat!

  • Thomas R Osterloh
    2019-01-27 03:15


  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-19 00:09

    Really enjoying this book