Information on Back Pain

Pain: The pain is experienced it is considered as the reaction to the signals transmitted through out our body. Such signals are released by the pain source such as sore back via nerves in the spinal cord, proceeding further to the brain where these signals are perceived as pain. However, there are various types of pains experienced in the human body. The origin of some of the pains is Neuropathic, whereas the other pains are Nociceptive. It is essential to know its importance as different treatments work differently on each type of pains.

Neuropathic Back Pain: Neuropathic pain is usually caused due to some specific damage to the nerve tissues. The pain sometimes experienced in this category is similar to burning or stabbing pains. The Pinched nerve is the clear example of this type of pain in the back portion of the body.

Information on Back Pain

Nociceptive Back Pain: Nociceptive pain is supposed to be caused due to the injury or disease outside the nervous systems. Most of the time it is experienced as the continuous bearable pain or pressure like feeling / sensation, instead of sharper or trauma like pain which is the specific characteristic of Nociceptive pain, as for example, the pain of arthritis. However, it has been found that many people in some specific cases have reported of experiencing both of these pains i.e. Neuropathic as well as nociceptive pains.

Persistent versus Severe Back Pains: Persistent Back Pain is widely defined as sharp, aching, bearable or burning sensation like pain in the typical area of the back or experienced even traveling down towards the legs. The patients suffering from such Back Pain may face numbness, tingling, burning or pins and needles type piercing sensation or pains in their legs. The patients with the persistent Back Pains may find it extremely difficult to perform their regular routine activities also. Such persistent Back Pains normally tends to last long time, and even cannot experience immediate relief from the regular medical treatments. It is believed that such Back Pains are as the result of the previous injuries long since healed, or even it may be due to the consistent cause like damage in the nerve or the arthritis.

Sever Back Pains: Severe or Acute Back Pain could easily be described as very sharp pain or somewhat bearable aching, generally experienced deep in the lower portion of the back of our body. This sort of Back Pain could be rather severe in some specific area such as the right side or the left side or in the center portion or even in the lower portion of the back. The severe or acute Back Pain could be usually intermittent but in most of the cases it is consistent, rising to severity. In some special cases the severe Back Pains are caused due to some trauma or injury on the back portion, but overall no specific cause is ever known. The patients suffering from the severe or acute Back Pains, even during its severity, would usually improve or totally recover just within 6 to 8 weeks.

Diagnosis of Back Pains: There are various tests and investigations that can easily trace the cause of common Back Pains.