How to make money with a blog: Make a successful website is for everyone?

Today we face a topic that was treated very often under different facets: how to earn money with a blog? It’s the question facing all those who want to make money online from home, possibly marrying your own passions and working in full autonomy. Under earning online you will find stored lots of articles on the business network: today we will focus on the economic aspect of the monetization through the creation of a thematic blog. Reading other articles can be extremely important, however, to gain insight from multiple perspectives and better understand how to start your own business through the channels provided by the network.

How to create a blog?

In the network, there are many guides explaining in what manner to act from a technical point of view. Now everything has become very simple, will only apply a little is and with some work now your portal will be ready. Just do a search on Google; it is useless to repeat that we are definitely better things explained by others. We are interested in the look of the gain and the ability to turn a passion into a job. It is clear; this is a phrase told and retold but, who knows, on these pages we try to really give advice and not limit ourselves to spreading the obvious.

How to make money with a blog Make a successful website is for everyoneHow much you earn with a blog?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we are often asked by friends and acquaintances interested in earning online : everyone wants to get busy and definitely work to a blog can seem a very nice thing for those who perhaps spends weeks in traffic to go to the office . However, everything has a price, even for the choices and so many, especially those unaccustomed to risk or otherwise unable to spend months if not years to a project in monetary terms is difficult, they do well to ask themselves these questions. Well, make money with a blog is very difficult in itself, make a lot of money is an even more difficult. The online experience is quite varied: there are bloggers who earn substantially depending on traffic, others through the sale of services or products, others still promoting something or someone. In the first case, the more visits they make and the greater the money. In the second and third cases, but so also it is another factor comes into play: that of the type of views. To understand, therefore, a blog that is 3000 visits per day meanwhile can earn 300 dollars per month since 3000: we are not telling lies, the gap is really very broad and, reading the following paragraphs, you will understand without a doubt why.

How to make money with a blog: The importance of knowing how to choose the niche

It’s impossible to think of creating a site that talks about everything: to create a space that is read is essential to identify a niche, i.e. a group of people who could be interested in the topic you want to treat. If your main passion is already a niche you are well on the way: the public must be quantified, that is, you have to understand how many people every day looking for a certain topic. To understand this, you can use free tools like the Keyword Planner provided by Google. Through this product, the Big G can also get an idea on the investors who are willing to cough up the money on certain topics. The tool comes with “recommended offer” because it is designed for those who have to buy advertising: those figures, however, are also guidance for those who want to sell advertising through Adsense.

Obviously, this is not the only strategy to monetize, and then we will clarify this concept better. We emphasize that it is crucial to choose a niche to earn money with a blog really: as we mentioned above, in fact, if your source of income is not only conditioned by the visits but also the sale, it becomes crucial to understand who your users and work to bring certain persons rather than others on the site. If for example, you want to sell online tax advice, it is good that the traffic that you are going to achieve for your blog (let’s assume that you speak of tax) is geared toward customers who need special services you provide.

The articles of the blog, then, must intercept certain questions that your future customers ask: you who carry out the profession know them better than others and with the help of the Keyword Planner we mentioned before you can “translate” into keyword needs users. the choice of the niche is, in effect, a very similar assessment at the opening of business off-line: you have to figure out what the market wants (and in this case the Keyword Planner can help in quantifying volumes traffic), it is essential to analyze who then offers the same services or similar information and figure out what you can differentiate yourself. If, made this analysis, we acquired the conviction to be able to actually differ, and then you are well on your way to begin to act operationally. Before registering the domain and put on the blog, so choose well the niche: the vast majority of projects that arise on the internet die after a few months just because of gross errors in the planning stages.

Perseverance and determination: Two fundamental ingredients

After choosing a niche, a name identified and followed all the technical dictates to create a blog (it’s really simple, on the net there are thousands of free resources) is the business aspect. In the posts that explain how to come up with a cost-effective and creative work, and come work independently from home we have expressed some very important reasoning again here:

  • Is better than any project begins as a second job or hobby: Before jumping to 100%, especially if you already have a job, it is good that you begin to devote a few hours a day right initiative to supplement your income. As development goes ahead and gets the first revenue can think seriously about becoming a professional blogger or web entrepreneurs;
  • Evaluated to possess the primary and secondary skills: It is a concept that we have borrowed from the blog Open Company and of which we have already discussed in the article mentioned above. You need to ensure is to know the material you want to cover (core competencies), is that it has acquired or know how to acquire in a short time the basic knowledge to operate on the web (secondary skills).

To all this must be complemented with the determination and perseverance: it is necessary to insist for months, sometimes for years, before we see concrete results. The web is immense, they were waiting for you: it’s just like when you open a bar, a restaurant or any other economic activity.

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How to make money with a blog: Strategies to monetize

It is clear that you are thinking about starting a blog basically to earn money. There are different strategies, it is good to clarify that there are two forms of income that you can get from a website:

  • Direct gain: Inserting Adsense banner ads or other circuits or earns through the sale of products advertised on your site (affiliations) or created by you (e.g. info-products);
  • Indirect gain: For example, the owner of the blog is a professional who intends to promote themselves by selling advice or services. In this case, the blog deals with problems related to your profession and the writer hope to gain solving them through subsequent contact by the user.
  • Both strategies can be successful: it depends on what you intend to do. It has been proposed a method that could serve all young professionals who want to stand out in highly inflated contexts.

Now is the chance to focus on the direct gain can be achieved by opening a blog? Basically, a blogger can do three things:

  • Give information or news: Room for product reviews, analyzes, and opinions on any subject. In this case, the form of monetization comes by inserting banner ads like Adsense or other circuits that pay a certain amount for each click. The greater the number of users, the greater the chances of making money;
  • Sell after giving information: In this case, you can earn through the affiliations. Some sites provide a payment generated as a percentage of each commission that is realized through the website that has joined the program;
  • Sell products made by the owner of the blog: We talk of info-products. Let’s say for example a tax expert decides to start a blog that speaks of matter that pertains to him and, after creating an interested, write an e-book that sells for a fee: Users interested in the resolution of that problem, buy that product. Obviously, if the free resources around are few and fragmented and the blogger authority is high, the chances of making money grow dramatically. A blog that works this way is effective.

The best bloggers very often combine the three strategies that we have exposed or become a leader in one of them.

Tax Issues for money with a blog

To carry out the blogger profession there is a dispute between those who believe that we should immediately open vat and who believes that up to a certain amount can also be considered as an occasional work. In any case, if there is a profit and you perceive the revenue immediately, it is advisable to consult a good accountant who can analyze the specific case. On the topic, to get an idea, we wrote some guides:

Conclusions: earn money with a blog is for everyone?

The solution, of course, does not have one for all. In this article and, in general, in every post we write, we try to schematically indicate the path to follow to develop a professional project on the web. Making money online is extremely difficult if you know little about the network: it is as if you move to a new city where you have never experienced and you think, immediately, to open a trendy without knowing the habits of potential customers.

If your knowledge of the Internet does not go beyond the chat on Facebook or photos posted on Instagram, we advise you to “live” the Internet more devoting several months to observe what others are doing: only acquiring all the preliminary information and snatching the dynamics a changing world manage to succeed. To deepen even more the topic and answer questions received from direct acquaintances and readers, we have recently written a new guide on the subject earn money online that, schematically, using an approach as simple as possible, aims to give an overview of all the solutions that can be developed on the web.

Make money with a blog is one of the several ways to go but it is certainly not the only one: if you are an interested immense web of the galaxy the post read, together with all items on the guide, could be of assistance.,,,,,